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What is social dances?

After viewing of the remarkable movie from Jenifer Lopez Let`s dance and there is a wish to take flats and to rush in studio - to fulfill numerous pases with Richard Gere though who is aging, but very imposing. And there is a problem No. 1 - Richard Gere far, and the individual, similar to him, wishing to take immediately dancing classes, to find not so - that simply. Of course, it is possible to go for dances of one, but the problem remains a problem, and very often the number of partners in groups of pair dance considerably outweighs the number of partners.

If there is a desire, it is possible to fulfill the movements and with girls, but all - arises a problem No. 2 after a while: to learn to dance - great achievement, and achievements, as a rule, there is a wish to be proud and show them. Well and where now I will show the ability to dance a waltz? At a corporate party often there is a problem No. 1 - absence of the suitable partner, balls are organized extremely seldom what to do?

Just those who dance social dances cope with such problems much easier. As it is clear from the name, social dance is created not only for the sake of art - it is also an excellent means of communication between people. The main social dances are salsa, hastl and a swing (be not frightened, dance to this music Bug - vug and Lindi - hop).

Social dance differs, for example, from ball in the fact that in it there is no strict, once and for all learned sequence of movements. On the contrary, from dancers it is expected and ability to improvisation is in every possible way welcomed. Dance is an expression of feelings, there is no need to drive them into some certain scheme. Except ability to flight of soul and improvisation the main step which for each dance the, and has to be known dancing that they could do accurately and synchronously the movements is important.

As there is no accurate scheme, and two dance, to the forefront there is such important thing as maintaining. Dances instructors are ready to write about it the whole poems - the partner who thinks over dance, is responsible now not only for himself, but also for the partner, for beauty of its movements - it conducts it. Naturally, it should learn - it is necessary to be able to show to the partner what you from her wait for, but to make it not only it is accurate that she understood, but also it is beautiful, gentle, without pulling her hands and without unscrewing them, without pushing her on all platform, without squeezing a bear grasp - all this to master can be difficult as still is necessary not to forget to dance most - standing still the partner and the partner flying around him - quite amusing show.

At partners, apparently, the task is much simpler - to listen to the partner, but also it sometimes hardly - to get used to do not only what you want, and to follow foreign desires.

It is easy to come to social dances - now many studios which specialize in this direction. As a rule, to go to trainings, the partner or the partner are not necessary as they during occupations of couple change all the time - you need to learn to dance with any partner.

And now about the most pleasant - for what we studied all this. In each direction of dance discos which differ from usual dances radically with the fact that the majority comes to dance there - to prove to be, look at others are regularly arranged, to derive pleasure from dance and to communicate, of course, to other fans of dance. Wishing simply to get drunk and popristavat to an opposite sex there not the place.

In a disco it is possible to learn something new, it is possible to find the suitable partner and to participate in competitions which are held regularly too. Competitions are serious, the most real - with suits, prizes and the audience. If there is a desire to prove to be, then all in your hands.

Everything I recommend to learn to dance - pick up style and music which are pleasant personally to you and forward - to fulfill the movements, to improvise, express itself, to communicate and dance, dance, dance