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Why it is important correct to sleep and how to learn to get enough sleep?

the Playful saying that it is better to overeat, than not to sleep, it is not deprived of sense at all. The overeating, of course, is harmful and will not bring to good.

And here the sleep debt or a bad dream not only negatively influence mood and physical activity of the person, but can serve as the reason of serious psychological violations and promote development of a set of diseases. For example, the last researches of the American doctors say that women who chronically do not fill up (oh, horror) grow stout quicker.

The quiet full-fledged dream is always guarantee of cheerfulness, good mood and attractive appearance.

From traditional recommendations of how to learn it is correct to sleep, it is possible to allocate several fundamental:

1. The dense dinner, as well as tonics (strong tea, coffee, orange juice), disturb a good dream.

2. Before going to bed it is useful to take a heat aromatic bath.

3. Pleasant music or viewing of the favourite movie also well influence quality of a dream.

4. It is necessary to go to bed no later than 22 hours. If it is impossible, then try to fall asleep between 2 and 4 o`clock in the morning. At this time a dream the strongest, having even had a sleep hour, you will not feel broken.

5. During a dream your head has to be turned on the North or the East as crossing of electromagnetic fields of the earth and a cerebral cortex of the person coincide in this direction. Believe, the dream will be remarkable.

6. The less clothes - the dream is better.

7. In your bedroom surely there has to be a fresh air.

8. You should not lie too long in a bed after woke up even if hands did not approach figure 5 or 6 yet. The matter is that the brain from this point begins vigorous activity and, trying to force to fall asleep violently again it, you do only worse.

The ancient doctrine the fan Shui describing laws of the movement of live energy tsi in the nature and in a human body, can also give invaluable help to those who have sleep disorders.

Philosophy the fan Shui very seriously treats the dwelling of the person having huge influence on life of its inhabitants. In relation to our subject, I will explain that a bedroom - the most intimate space of your apartment. And from a bedroom, it agrees the fan Shui, your dream depends.

Choosing the suitable place for a bedroom, it is necessary to try that it was most removed from the most noisy places.

The color scale in which registration of your bedroom is solved is important for a full-fledged dream. It is more preferable to a bedroom light shades. They dispose to tranquility and a pacification. Blue or blue cast thoughts of lightness, a heavenly scope, a cool. Yellow, orange and red it is better to apply as a light accent or in the muffled option. Gives special power to a bedroom white and its shades: gray and dairy. Even if for you a bedroom - the place especially erotic, you should not choose red color, otherwise constant migraine is guaranteed to you. Shades red - claret and crimson will be suitable for registration of a bedroom more.

Choosing a bed, first of all it is necessary to strive for simplicity. Give preference to beds which seem more smooth, with the rounded corners allowing energy tsi to move freely on the room. The form of a back of a bed can give support to your personal qualities. Beds with semicircular or oval backs are good for businessmen; square wooden - are favorable for people of working professions; wavy backs are suitable for creative natures, and triangular - suit only for those who do not like to sleep much.

If your bed - the matrimonial bed, then is necessary for strengthening of the relations that the mattress was one. Separate mattresses symbolically separate the people sleeping together.

Quality of a dream depends also on position of a body. For conservation of energy of a body during a dream try the following pose recommended the fan Shui. Lay down on the right side. The right leg is extended, left is bent. Put the left foot for the right knee, your left hand on the left hip and the right hand under the head. The left knee lies on a bed. The left shoulder is taken a little away back.

In general, for achievement of a harmonious full-fledged dream the fan Shui suggests to follow simple recommendations:

1. The person perfectly gets enough sleep if he sleeps on a flat surface without pillow. In this case there is no violation of blood circulation of a spinal cord, and the improved brain blood circulation normalizes intra cranial pressure. If you cannot sleep without pillow - use a filler from buckwheat pod. However it is impossible to sleep on a floor as exactly from below, it agrees the fan Shui, negative energy moves.

2. It is impossible to hold near a bed of the photo of relatives. Even the most favourite.

3. Mirrors stimulate the movement tsi therefore in a bedroom you should not hang up them on each wall. It is especially bad when in it is mute the bed is reflected.

4. In a bedroom the diffused light is preferable. The effect of a diffused light is reached by the maximum protection of sources plafonds and lamp shades from opaque glass.

5. Optimum temperature for a dream of 27 - 28 degrees. At air temperature below 26 degrees of person wakes up from cold, and at 37 - will wake up already from a heat.

6. The bed linen has to be natural, white or cream color. In the hot summer if you are not under strained circumstances, it is more ideal not to find natural silk - it is hygroscopic, and gives to skin feeling of a cool. For winter coarse calico approaches.

7. Before going to bed it is useful to take the warm weakening shower or a bath. Let water flows will wash away all emotional and physical fatigue which collected in a day. Presently extremely load of legs increased, they should carry the mass of our body on a firm surface and sometimes in close, inconvenient footwear. Therefore warm trays are very useful to legs with extracts of the weakening herbs. Well influences an organism and massage by a foot.

8. The disturbing thoughts pursuing you in the afternoon in the dark nights seem even more gloomy and hopeless. Try to distract from them. Imagine that the huge glass cap protects you from all disorders.

9. The cup of soothing tea with the valerian root, hop, a pustyrnik, a peony evading in the flowers of a lavender, orange, leaves of a melissa, mint for an hour to a dream will not prevent.

10. It is important to go to bed at the same time, in the same bed. Much the sound of a pulsation of a superficial temporal artery well helps to fall asleep. For this purpose it is necessary to grope its index and average fingers on a cheek at an ear. Begin the measured account of pulse. Such way is much more effective than a mental arithmetic. Not incidentally it is used sometimes by the Indian yogis when want to concentrate quickly.

It is extremely difficult to consider all principles the fan Shui for achievement of an ideal dream in the modern apartment. Lifestyle in itself in multi-storey buildings - ant hills is impossible it to the principles. However if to consider at least some rules of the Chinese wise men, it is possible to improve significantly the internal state, health and quality of life.

Care for the dream with pleasure, and it will return you a hundredfold this care. Waking up, you will feel taste to life, it is joyful to smile, perfectly to feel. You will be stout desire to create and love. Enjoy this harmony and protect it because it is so fragile and unsteady as a side between a dream and a reality.