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Accidents or regularities?

As often we should hear and say such phrases: I met it absolutely by chance or This book " incidentally caught sight to me;? Yes it is almost constant! We incidentally we come into this or that shop though were not going to shop, incidentally we find the announcement of work, incidentally we get on this or that resource on the Internet. List of similar accidents it is possible to continue indefinitely as they happen to us constantly. And even more often than we realize it.

I suggest to understand and find out whether so this notorious Mister Sluchay is almighty and whether there is it in general.

In the childhood I was surprisingly a conscious child: having made some offense, I right there confessed to it to parents. But I always added the word " to the penitential speech; incidentally - for example, mummy, do not swear, your favourite vase incidentally broke . Actually the collapse happened at the time when a vase as the spaceship to a Barbie doll onboard orbited - here - that it also slipped out hands of the chief pilot. And it would even be strange if under such circumstances it escaped. But mother - that did not know about all this - here and believed in accident of an event.

Thus, already in the childhood I began to understand: the fact that we call casual, actually that is not. And if to carry out a logical chain upside-down - from an accomplished fact to its reason, then any event becomes obvious and natural. Well tell about what accident can there be a speech if, having stuck with a needle into a balloon, we hear loud BAH! It is available prichinno - investigative communication!

Unfortunately, in life it is not always also simple to wind off a tape of times back and to learn the reason of the events happening to us. And if we cannot explain something - we speak: it occurred incidentally . But let`s reflect about that decisive, often the fatal cases occurring in life of each of us. Someone incidentally in the subway got acquainted with the future husband, someone was lucky at examination - the only learned ticket (of course, it is casual) got, incidentally presented someone the book which turned consciousness and all life, and someone in general got to a stopper, was late aboard the plane, and an hour later learned that that was wrecked. It is terrible even to think that all this could occur spontaneously, senselessly, at will of some mythical Case.

But if we peer more deeply in these combination of circumstances we will see that too thinly and the previous events are difficult bound to be a mere coincidence. The masterpiece will not leave if blindfold randomly to carry a brush on a canvas. At best - abstraction, but most likely - a scribble. In the world everything is ordered - because it is so beautiful.

Of course, there is a question: with wonderful rescue everything is clear and how to be with accidents? Nobody wants to believe that the brick fell to it on the head not because of inattentive workers, at all it is not casual, and for any reason. Everyone will be indignant: What I it made? Than deserved? Why I slipped on this path, fell and broke a leg? Usually we are not able to answer these questions. And we live, assured that the world is a chaos where today you can incidentally win one million, and tomorrow fall a casual victim of robbers.

But answers to these questions are. Just we do not know all reasons, also as my mother did not know why her vase broke.

Let`s believe that we live in the world about. Let`s not to destroy it by the thoughts of chaos. And on our belief and us it will be given. And if you, God forbid, really slipped and damaged to yourself something, reflect: can be, compelled holiday saved you from some more serious cataclysms in your life, and you the small evil avoided big? If you met the boyfriend with another - thank God that it occurred now, but not after 10 years of joint life when you have a heap in common acquired including two children. And especially be not upset if you are late for the train or the plane. Means, to you on following. You remember: nothing happens incidentally. Everything is penetrated by Sense, everything is under control of the Great Schemer spinning an intricate pattern of life in which it seems to one thread that the others appeared here incidentally.

The Christianity learns to thank God for everything - and for the fact that it seems to us good, and for what we consider bad. I do not urge all to arrive also - to it each person comes itself (or does not come at all). But let`s exclude the word " from our lexicon; accident . Let`s believe that the world - not abstraction and chaos, but an order and system, and we - its important link. Let`s analyze our life and what in it is not present, it does not happen, and occurs.