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What is represented by medicine in Holland?

Dear readers, allow me to share with you knowledge about the Dutch medicine, in all its subtleties and details. About it I cannot but just write.

For those three years that I live here, I faced many aspects of this praised medicine. I will begin, perhaps, with the fact that each Dutch has the health insurance, otherwise here just it is impossible. One day, for example, of stay in hospital costs 800 euros (while the minimum wage equals about 500 euros a month). And visit to the doctor is estimated approximately at 50 euros here. So, the insurance is bought by all.

Now it is worth making a reservation that in Holland the family doctor is God . It treats for all diseases: it both oculist, and ENT specialist, and dermatologist, and urologist, and gynecologist, and even surgeon!

At all this, there are also policlinics separately with experts whose functions are executed by the family doctor. On my question and why then these experts, answered me that the family doctor treats only mild cases of some disease and if he is suddenly not competent, then writes out the direction to the expert.

Dutches to doctors practically do not go. If you caught a cold, got sick with flu or quinsy, it is possible not to appear quietly at work week, without any medical reference, it is simple to have a rest and be ill at home, and, as a rule, in a week the illness recedes and the person comes back to work. Some during an illness and continue to go to work.

The reception of the family doctor is almost empty. Somewhere in a corner the old man - a God`s dandelion which waits for consultation with the doctor hid, and there is nobody in a reception any more.

And why, you ask, Dutches do not go to doctors? Yes just family doctor from any illness will prescribe paracetamol (which in any supermarket can be bought without recipe) and walk! Walks - here that struck me at the very beginning of my stay here. I got sick with quinsy, the throat just broke up, and I was dragged on the street! And Dutches are so treated here. Therefore - why to go to the doctor when the recipe is known by all? Paracetamol and walks!

Policlinics where experts work, are not less empty, than a reception of the family doctor. The only patients sitting waiting for reception - old men and old women of years well for 80.

The separate narration is deserved by process of pregnancy and childbirth, it in general here from area of a fantasy.

We will begin with the fact that when the woman understands that she is pregnant and goes for reception to the midwife (we will tell, term for that time turns out 4 - 6 weeks), the midwife sends her home and speaks to come to the first reception when term is 13 weeks. On a question of the scared girl and what if there is an abortion? the midwife quietly explains - the nature itself cares for it and throws out incorrectly created fruit. They do not want to know in principle that abortions happen not only incorrectly created, but also from - for poor health of the woman!

To the gynecologist on reception of the pregnant woman not to get at all, all process is observed here by the midwife. In 13 weeks on the first reception listen to heartbeat of the child, ask about hereditary diseases of both spouses and ask about a way of childbirth - where you want to give birth, houses or in hospital? - In hospital, - I answered. On what the midwife at herself marked - houses .

The matter is that childbirth in hospital is not compensated by an insurance if you chose hospital itself, without special indications, medical on that. And here arrival of the midwife on the house is entirely paid. Also there is nothing to hope that the midwife will send you to analyses or ultrasonography, it should be beaten out directly. Usually normal Dutchwoman carries out all pregnancy without ultrasonography and any analyses, and gives birth houses though as I was already convinced in practice, usually all - something goes to the heat of childbirth not so, and the midwife calls an ambulance on which the woman in labor is taken away in hospital.

Despite my negative Rhesus factor and positive at the husband, blood on antibodies from me was taken by only 2 times for pregnancy! And that, it I drew. Well, and, to make ultrasonography, I flew home, to Latvia, specially, to check health of the child.

Any other analyses, and it is equal and the midwife does not do surveys. On reception only this standard hearing of a heart, check of weight, pressure and position of the child.

To give rise to me, to all - has the luck in hospital. The matter is that childbirth began for 5 weeks earlier, and brought me to hospital in hope to put on preservation, but the daughter resolved to be born then.

What it is possible to tell about the Dutch hospitals? Cozy spacious chambers on 1 - 2 person, beds with the rising back, each bed are protected by a screen, over a bed there is a small TV with earphones and phone for which it is necessary to buy the card and then on it it is possible to call as by the payphone. It is forbidden to use the mobile phone in hospital.

The bed has a button of a call of the nurse which right there will appear. At any time the nurse can ask to be brought tea sandwich for himself and even for the husband who permanently is nearby.

The woman in labor can be written out in that day after the delivery if, say, she gave rise in the morning. Or the next morning if she gave rise in the evening as it was with me.

Usually in hospital the woman in labor is let only when fights already go very intensively, and the maximum in an hour has to be born the kid. Such women, as I at which first labor lasts less than 17 hours put by the Dutch rules often am not possible to reach hospital, and should give birth houses. If on a question of the doctor by " phone; when fights began? the answer was - an hour ago speak to wait for 10 more hours, I know many cases when girls contrary to everything had to give birth houses. Arrived with fights to hospital, they were sent again home as 17 hours did not pass. Childbirth at them took place directly at home, and still happiness that at the moment of an exit of the baby the midwife managed to appear. Though, I am sure that there were cases and in general without appearance of the midwife. Here on courses instruct in pregnancy that should be done.

Childbirth entirely occupied about 3 me - x hours therefore doctors in hospital and nurses looked at me as on a museum piece there. Struck also that doctors are inclined to trust more rules and cars, than words of the patient here. I was deigned to be undressed and understood that I all - do not imitate, and really I give birth, in 10 minutes before the daughter was born!

Maternity chambers here just excellent, there is everything, even toys for the senior children and chairs for all family members or guests here! Right after childbirth bring the Dutch round croutons strewed with the sweet crumbs which are tasting like an anise pink in chamber if the girl was born, and blue if the boy. Besides, in some hospitals even present a glass of champagne.

Here such here a miracle - medicine in Holland. But the person is fated to get used to everything, also I got used in three years lived by me in this country, and this medicine does not seem to me already so shocking, and very much impresses health of Dutches! And how many here healthy old men of such age up to which in the our countries just people do not live! Impresses also what healthy lifestyle Dutches try to lead. It both daily walks, and driving bicycles, and abundance of fruit and vegetables in an obligatory everyday diet and, at last daily, traditional glass of red wine.