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In what advantages of youth?

Behaviour of the person undergo so striking changes, as well as his appearance with age. I will notice, an important role is played not only by objective physical changes, but also feeling. Therefore it seems to each of us that the majority occurs late, and the fortieth anniversary too early. What advantages in unequal fight with biology the person has while it is young? Here the five of those age differences which serve as odds to all young subjugators of life.

1. For youth, apparently, needs less time for storing of verbal material. Certainly, when elderly people learn the text, significant for them, and regulate this process, they successfully cope with a task. Try to learn, for example, from the senior relatives or acquaintances the price of any goods from a consumer basket in various markets. I assure, on the basis of listed it will be possible to count an average indicator. But that troubles the adult, for young a god-send. The youth has no deficiency of long-term memory which at people of old age is substantially connected with information search violation. We can remember throughout all life the slightest details from the childhood and youth: a smell of grandmother`s pies, weather in day of delivery of the first examination etc. But sooner or later volume a brain, unfortunately, it will be exhausted. Before it occurs, it is necessary to develop flexibility of thinking, most to carry out a casting among information, leaving lovely to heart and expensive to mind.

2. Young people have definitely less problems with health, than elderly. So, visual acuity worsens closer to middle age owing to turbidity and loss of elasticity of a crystalline lens. Changes in a retina which lead to deterioration in color sight and a sharpening of sensitivity of an eye to bright light happen at later age. Similarly there is also a weakening of hearing: the perception of high frequencies is lost in the middle age, and after 65 years hearing aids are required for many people (though they not always use them, and in vain!) . From what problems here are released young people? The stress caused by loss of hearing can lead to a depression and other emotional frustration. Now it becomes clear why vigorous mood, the charge of smiles and the sparkling eyes characterize teenagers.

3. IQ adults is more constant in comparison with school students, and with increase in age the central nervous " system; brakes . It is possible to explain with this change gradual reduction of speed of reaction at the solution of a wide range of tasks. Therefore to address with achievements of the digital industry, the latest technologies today it is easier for children, than their worldly-wise parents. According to researches, the child shows intellectual growth for 1 year with everyone lived calendar year, up to achievement of age level 15 - 18 years when the curve of intellectual growth allegedly is leveled. The more contacts with the outside world we have in youth, we are engaged in various kinds of activity more, the it is more probable to reach mind ceiling only in maturity.

4. the hypothesis " Exists; creative youth that the majority of creative achievements are the share of early stages of career of the scientist or artist. So, the titan of the Renaissance Leonardo da Vinci modeled the first sculpture in 13 years. Though it is saved up many facts testifying to other opportunity: some of the most valuable discoveries and deposits to culture were made not by young people. For example, Claude Monet began the well-known cycle Water-lilies in 73 years, Sophocles wrote Tsar Oedipus in 75 years. When quality of compositions of Bach and Beethoven is estimated on number of the made records of execution of concrete work, the latest compositions obviously surpass all others. However creativity belongs, first of all, to a system of emotional. And when as not in youth, the person is subject to momentary experiences, we overwhelm with passions.

5. hobbies of people change With age: participants of sports competitions become fans. The matter is that activity level over the years comes to naught, interest of personal participation in the course of events vanishes.

The exception is made by children. Only they are not afraid to break a toy to learn its interiors. Their desire to understand all every time will come across lecture of adults: Do not stick the nose . Namely so at green youths the scent to knowledge and curiosity to life is developed.