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Whether terrible breed - a bull terrier?

made small experiment Yesterday. Entered the word " into search engine; bull terrier . Gave me a great number of references, one another is more blood-thirsty. The Bull terrier bit to death the child! The Bull terrier bit to death the owner Bull terriers bit to death the old woman! and in the same vein. After reading of similar head hair bristle, and in a brain there is a question: And why not to forbid such terrible breeds?

And it is right why not to veto on so-called fighting breeds ? How many time both on television, and in printing mass media was exaggerated this the most important of questions, and a cart that is told, and nowadays there. Dogs of fighting breeds tear to parts of residents of the CIS countries, and the governments stay idle. Though guard shout!.

And now let`s try to dump from itself the hysteria cover thrown to us over the head of mass media and various experts whose knowledge of dogs is limited to stories of those who never and had no dogs.

So, reference number of times

The Bull terrier left without electricity of 148 houses!

The note is rather from area of funny things. Under it a photo of the English bull terrier. But let`s read further

The Staffordshire bull terrier by nickname Bailey left without electricity of 148 houses in the city of Midlstoun Moore, the county Durham .


And whether it is known to the one who wrote a note that it is two different breeds? Unlike neither character, nor appearance?

It is unknown? And why to write it? Why the photo which is not relating to article to place? You do not know? I do not know too. But - I guess. However about it later.

And now let`s pass to articles with more terrible. Here we read how the bull terrier broke off the child

After incident all three dogs of breed American bull terrier with the consent of the owner were lulled by the district veterinarian .

Article terrible, of course. Only I did not understand - what dogs of breed all - made crime? American bull terrier ? So there is no such breed! In the nature does not exist! Perhaps, means American pitas - a bull terrier? But only breed is absolutely another. How inhabitants will look at the walking ENGLISH bull terrier of the dog breeder, having read such note? As look

we Go further. Here literal endurance from interview with serious militia ranks. They tell about burglaries

Once there was a comical case, - Leonid K. - Remembers owners held a bull terrier, and thieves knew about it. They came into the apartment, threw to a bull terrier a jacket, and the dog seized it death grip. Criminals hung up a jacket with a bull terrier on a hanger hook, robed the apartment and left, and the bull terrier and remained to hang .

It that? The militiaman retold a joke, perhaps? This legend is handed down many years, and everyone claims that my neigbour somehow time my neighbor once . Possibly, for giving to an obvious tale of bigger reliability. For the first time I uslykhat a baize about the bull terrier hanging on a jersey about fifteen years ago. And then I believed. Did not see these dogs close yet. And then began to be interested at cynologists. A dog of breed the bull terrier " was dishonored by

In order that; hung on a hanger having seized death grip she should be trained for about a year. And, the trainer it is necessary to order serious, from circus. A bull terrier - the breed going on the way of the largest resistance. It will NEVER focus the attention on the subject which is not showing resistance while someone hangs around the apartment of his owner to

Shook interview of the head of department of mass media of the Russian film logical association Evgeny Tsigelnitsky: And in Great Britain the American pit bull terrier is forbidden, but the pit bull terrier local " is resolved;

To a lump - a lump whether but to it not to know that breed English of pitas - a bull terrier in the nature does not exist! Or it is wine of the journalist again? Or elementary illiteracy of the last? Why to understand - a bull terrier, a pit bull terrier What supposedly difference?

Rumors that in Great Britain the bull terrier is forbidden are exaggerated. In the light of it the fact that the princess Anna has seven bull terriers is interesting! British call a bull terrier wreath of the English cynology also consider as one of the most intellectually developed breeds of dog, and at us tell fairy tales about the bull terriers forbidden in England . Besides, the same British, as well as residents of many other countries, are sure that a bull terrier - the best dog for families with children!

How, in your opinion - the similar statement from scratch is born?

And whether it is known to you of a bull terrier Miguel who so loved people what neighbors asked his owner to take a walk with their children? The director of orphanage asked Miguel`s mistress to be engaged with children that those were not afraid of animals.

When all certificates that the dog completely has no aggression to people were collected, a dog the militiaman shot. As then it appeared - incidentally . Like, on 02 called and told that the bull terrier in park attacked the woman....

How many people of a dog of this breed were taken from - under blockages after an earthquake in Turkey? How many will be rescued still? You had not to see photos of bull terriers - rescuers behind work? Paws are torn off in blood, but the dog continues to fight for someone`s life

A let`s understand with the term " now; fighting breed . What only breeds of dog did not suffer already from willfulness and illiteracy of journalists, calling fighting and sometimes and combative boxers, sheep-dogs, mastiffs, Rottweilers, Caucasian sheep-dogs. If the journalist who wrote about preponderance of fighting breeds consulted at the expert, he not without surprise would learn that fighting dogs do not exist in the nature long ago! The term became outdated. The only breed which can apply for it rank - a harmless Chinese Shar-Pei.

All other breeds, whose ancestors were called as fighting hundred fifty years ago, regenerated and lost former fighting properties. It both mastiffs, and mastiffs, and Staffordshire terriers, Rottweilers, pitas - bull terriers - in general more than 30 breeds.

What is interesting - initially at their cultivation individuals, aggressive in relation to the person were discarded.

I in general. Following elementary logic - what dog is more dangerous to the person? That at which in genes thirst of fight (with dogs, not with the person sits!) or that which specially, from generation to generation is brought up for protection of dwellings and owners, setting on the person!?

Then what the German shepherd is more dangerous, than a bull terrier? No. Does not leave. It is not a dog. Put

in her owner, in as far as it is prepared for in general to get a dog.

we Will return to what I began to speak at the beginning of article about. Why subject fighting dogs - murderers it is so popular? Because it is a trouble-free subject. It - is interesting. It is a rating of the edition, transfer. And for the sake of this rating are distorted, garbled, and the facts are often and simply muddled. And we eat this soup from lie, nonprofessionalism and hysteria. We digest.

Also we draw the conclusions. A bull terrier - the murderer. Terrible dog . The Walking crocodile without brains . To Forbid them!

On roads of Ukraine for last year about ten thousand people died. But and will come to nobody to mind to forbid the car. It is necessary to forbid drunk drivers or those who buy the rights, and are not able to drive. And here. A dog - at anything. At what - owner.

And glug, grown up intelligently, will bring to owners and all surrounding so much pleasure how many good, kind, clever, cheerful, strong, and infinitely devoted dog can only bring. Dog of breed bull terrier

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