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How to be prepared for examination without problems?

Already very soon will come time when all students amicably begin to take examinations. More precisely, at first test session, then examination. I want to give several advice to those who want to end without problems academic year.

The most important governed - it is necessary to study not three days before examination, and throughout all semester. Students, are more often by inexperience, all postpone for the last day, and time to regret comes then. During the period hardened in the time trouble mode preparation for examination and offsets some rely on the abilities to storing, some on freebie is such who consider that they solve all money - they are right in own way, but believe, simpler and most cheaper to study gradually all semester, than then to try to move huge layers of the accumulated material.

If before examination there were three days, then it is possible to construct the schedule of preparation as follows (taking into account specific features of an organism).

it is obligatory for span to sleep, i.e. 8 hours of a dream need to be provided to itself as the organism has to be the holidaymaker.

After a good big breakfast needs to begin to prepare.

In the first day allocate 8 hours for preparation. This time needs to be distributed for all the time of wakefulness. For example, I learned 4 hours, then one or two hours had a rest and again learned 4 hours. Some divide time segments for 2 hours - it is already individually. So, in the first day it is necessary to give all lectures (if you have a normal teacher, then exam is usually held according to lecture material) and additional material if that is available. To read several times, thoughtfully, seriously.

For the second day you devote the same 8 hours to the fact that purposefully you remember everything that yesterday read. If in the first day you read understood, for the second day really to remember everything too (if there are formulas, it is better to write down them on paper, several times, until according to the name you are not able to reproduce it without podglyadyvaniye).

In the last day you arrive as follows - you take the list of questions and you begin arbitrarily, having chosen one of them, to imitate the answer at examination. Read a question - wrote the fullest answer and it will become clear to you, how well you were prepared.

I know from own experience that really independently to pass any examination. Handed over to the reporting of any level of complexity and always. The main thing is correct to be prepared. Before examination it is necessary to sleep and in the morning again - to have breakfast. Carbohydrates promote the best work of a brain. By the end of training I even loved examinations for the fact that they give feeling of pleasure and simplification after successful delivery. Break a leg!