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Whether America from hunting to change of places suffers?

Americans are great travelers. Not in sense of a pervoprokhodstvo, and in sense of mobility. Columbus`s gene does not give in to mutations contrary to all achievements of genetic engineering. A favourite way of carrying out Wick - an enda (after shopping) - travel on the near and far cities and rural lands. The industry of tourism is developed so that it is possible to travel at any age and a physical state. Qualitative roads and continuous automobilization of all country allow to choose a route without dependence on tour agencies. But also foreign trips it seems to go skiing in Canada or to bathe in Mexico are available practically to each fan of active recreation. However, now and we have opportunities to drive on mountain skiing in Courchevel or to swim for a while in the Dead Sea, but we have it most often, all - the EVENT, but not ordinary Wick - and.

The Americans who got used to comfort also prefer to travel with comfort. A typical picture of the day off on the route: the big family trailer (tent, our way), behind it on the trailer the car on which luggage carrier there are bicycles goes. Options instead of the car - the boat, the scooter, the helicopter On the parking for trailers with a supply of the sewerage, electricity and a water supply system, the trailer is laid up, and radial routes are made already on more mobile transport.

Any is not enough - malsk the object, different from surrounding reality, appears sight, is equipped as appropriate and joins in tourist catalogs. On each road at entry into the state the tourist bureau where you will be free of charge supplied with all necessary cards, schemes, booklets is located. Here little tables for a breakfast, a toilet, trash cans.

On the road, by tradition - excellent quality, - before emergence of some tourist object surely, meters for 500, the sign warning about its approach. Before settlements most often there is no sign with the place name of this point therefore, navigating with a map, it is necessary to look at a speedometer. The tumble-down house which is driven in at the road quite can be designated by the normal settlement. And as in the state New - Meksiko a way of dwelling often farm (our way), or the ranch - on - is American, 10 houses are already the city, with school, police, couple of churches, mail nearby...

On the highest top local Sandiya - mountains (meters of 1500) is both a ropeway, and the smart four-band highway (which does not have any is national - economic value, coming to an end at top). An observation deck, the parking of cars on 50 places, shop and a toilet (well-planned, of course). At such transport choice can look for little-used tracks and imagine itself climbers only hopeless romantics. Americans seldom appear among them.

Among amazing snow-white barkhans of the reserve White " sand; places for picnic with braziers, toilets (not less than 10), places especially for an evening dawn are equipped. Children ride the plastic sledge from barkhans as ours from snowdrifts. And it besides that in this place test of a nuclear bomb was carried out once, and all have to know about it. No this information is on one poster, but with friends it was categorically not recommended to us to bring home a sack with a sand as a souvenir.

Americans remarkably are able to operate the presents or the invented legends connected with this district. In the city of Rossuel where allegedly brought down an UFO with aliens, without this subject to look there was nothing - provincial the small town in the middle of the desert (can, and the UFO a mirage was?) . The city operates this legend at full scale. On the central street in each bench (though a bakery, though furrier`s though musical instruments) this subject is primary. We as true tourists, went to the museum UFO, free. Were marked on the map (earlier from Siberians there only residents of Omsk were). The museum so-so what exhibits can be shown about the phenomenon which hardly was? But sound models, models, photos still of all ufologichesky phenomena are made. Something is shown in a video hall. And the people are! Free of charge - that is free, but here little shop of souvenirs from where it is just impossible to leave without purchase, otherwise who will believe you that you were there. And here the choice already for every taste, from an obvious kitsch to quite witty exhibits. Undershirts, caps, ware, magnetics, toys, road signs (say - it is careful, crossing with the route UFO), of the handle, a blotter, up to toilet paper. To what, and ability to untwist a subject, to present object as uniqueness, it is possible to learn from Americans!

Personal tourist disappointment - I cost on the edge of Grand Canyon, on asphalt, holding a hand-rail, below the river Colorado a thin thread, near crowd of brisk tourists from Japan. And instead of admiration of grandness of object I feel nearly physical pain for the mother - the earth at which such not healing wound was formed. I try to catch a wise look of reproach of a magnificent black raven, the owner of local places - and so others pain it becomes a shame with the curiosity! We from human ugliness involuntarily look away why we here - that are curious?

Is what to admire in this rather big country besides creations of the nature, work of hands human, his intelligence. The most characteristic certificate - Las - Vegas. In absolutely burned lifeless desert to build the city - a mirage, a fantasy, the fairy tale, the world ENEA, to make it a tourist mecca - really only the profit moved creators?

The biggest impression (as well as everywhere in America) is made by care of disabled people. Any tourist object is equipped for wheelchair invalids - asphalt paths, a handrail, congresses are laid. Rangers - volunteer assistants are on duty. Information on object is well issued, the guide is not necessary. Therefore also active recreation is available to any person including with considerable restrictions of physical activity.

If the travel purpose - obtaining new emotions, change of impressions, knowledge unknown, then in these parameters it is possible to be fully satisfied. But here merge to the nature, feeling of part in the American conditions of restrictions and bans do not manage to be reached it. You can only put tent where the place is allocated. To catch fish only there, in so many and such as it is offered on this reservoir. A fire from branches - yes you that?! Well and that that all wood is filled up by them - it is not your property! There are specially equipped places with a brazier and benches, and coal bring the. And any violation of bans will be obligatory is noticed by rangers - voluntary defenders of the nature, and very material account is shown you! And you thought that you with the nature confidentially, without intermediaries communicate! Such statement of business can be referred rather to advantages of rather ecological aspects, but songs to the guitar at a brazier are not sung for some reason, sitting on a shop...