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Whether it is necessary to us piracy to video and production of

I Will begin audio with the fact that I was always amused by the following situation. It is worth western (well and) to the companies to declare Russian an exit in few weeks of this or that movie or a musical album, to appoint day of a premiere, and in our shops already about what they only reported everything lies and to become dusty. And costs only 100 - 120 rubles. I never understood as our pirates manage so to do. And in confidence - I am proud that in our country there live such resourceful people.

Recently the set of demonstrative actions on destruction of counterfeit production is carried out, from all directions go on we will eradicate piracy (the truth something is eradicated years at least 10). And that the ordinary person living in the usual apartment and working on usual work on an occasion thinks - whether piracy production is necessary to us.

What is in general a counterfeit? As we know, copyright which allows the creator to dispose at discretion (behind some exception which I as they are not really significant in the matter will not concern) the work extends to all creative works. And what is done by pirates They bypassing the author use exclusive the rights of the creator of work.

It is bad - you will tell. He agrees. It contradicts as rules of law, so (in general) and to norms of morality and morals. But you do not hurry to draw a conclusion that piracy is only an ulcer of our society.

We will consider other situation. You wanted to look (or to listen) something brand new (or old). You approach the nearest little shop selling audio - video of production, and there one pirate . As the respectable citizen you in soul refuse to buy counterfeit production though the seller has what is necessary. You support policy of the state and the right of authors and wish to get only a license product. And here here you face

I several problems:

1. And where it is possible to get license audio - video of record? Lately this situation began more - to be resolved less, but nevertheless (if you do not live in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities megalopolises) it is necessary to lose excess hour or so, and even a couple of hours to achieve the objectives. At last, before you the shop selling only correct things . And there is a problem number 2.

2. You as the person with the normal average income approach a counter and You see the prices which are reading off scale for sides reasonable for you. Same license - the seller convinces you. Also you why the license has to equal to actually living wage think.

3. Well even if You were lucky to find official shop and at you in a pocket were overlooked to steam of five hundred-ruble notes which there is no place to attach, still nothing means. This work of creativity that it is only so necessary for you was released also on carriers (VHC, DVD, CD etc.) will go on sale only in a week. And as ill luck would have it you are called by your best friend (girlfriend) and begins shares impressions of just seen (listened) creation which and you are eager to get.

And here to you it becomes so sad at heart, there are you to that shop with counterfeits, buy there that is necessary, go home, enjoy and over time forget that you have not a license.

I will notice, I am not a supporter of piracy. I understand creative people as itself I treat their number. But nevertheless as a result it is possible to tell piracy will disappear only if the state begins to care not only for the welfare, but also for wellbeing of the citizens.