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What is a podcasting?

the Podcasting are a publication of audio and video on the Internet, with an opportunity to subscribe for receiving this audio - and video content. The podcasting can be considered as a peculiar blog in which entries are presented in the form by audio and video. And it is possible and as a hybrid of radio and the Internet.

The word podcasting (English podcasting) appeared in 2004. Then it was included in New Oxford American Dictionary - the well-known Oxford dictionary. And in 2005 it became word of year . The podcasting is mix of the words iPod (the known mp3 - a player of Apple firm) and broadcasting (English broadcasting, relaying). Respectively, also other pod - words appeared: podkaster (people who write down podcasts and spread them on a public inspection in the Network), sublisteners (people who download podcasts for listening on the computer or a player), etc.

From the point of view of technical realization, the essence of a podcasting is simple - it is introduction of multimedia content in the form of audio - or video files in RSS channel. However the mass of opportunities, a podcasting is behind this simplicity as it was already told, it is possible to consider as an alloy of the Internet and radio. And if to take into account that the podcasting is both video - that and television.

On the conducted researches, within last year more than 10 million people downloaded a podcast at least once. And by 2010 the audience of sublisteners will reach 50 - 60 million people. And it by the most modest estimates! At the same time, more and more people reduce time spent for viewing of TV and reading the press. The reason of it that life of the modern person accelerates - more and more time is spent at ways (for work, from work, on affairs etc.) .

What is the time we spend, without having an opportunity to use the time from - for stays in traffic jams or driving in the crowded public transport? It is a lot of. But it is possible to use this time for receiving news or other information. However, in vanity big (or not really big) the cities it is possible to rely only on radio as magazines or newspapers a thing not really convenient, and mobile television - both not convenient, but expensive.

However, and radio is not panacea. The number of radio stations is small and cover it only important events of scale of the country or area. At best - the cities. And what to do if you need to be educated urgently on some very specialized subject?

Now present that you woke up, put on, ate and went for work. And on the way you listen to all news necessary for you which were published on the news website and are automatically downloaded in your by a MP3 - a player. Cool? It is also that plus of a podcasting.

So, the podcasting is the best of opportunities of the Internet and radio. It is an opportunity to subscribe for interesting subjects with which it is possible to get acquainted at any convenient time.

Now to a question of how it is possible to get access to podcasts? For this purpose there are both special programs, and universal. ITunes audioplayers from Apple or free Juice (the former iPodder) which specially " concern to the first, for example; are ground for work with podcasts. Among the second - RSS - the aggregators capable to work with podcasts. For example, FeedReader or FeedDemon.

To find the website with podcasts as it seems to me, not a problem. Only Google gives out on inquiry podcast millions of references!

Perhaps, some of readers will consider a podcasting as the next fashionable trend to which the fast oblivion is prepared. Perhaps, it and so. However tendencies show that, most likely, the podcasting will become one more network miracle, like a phenomenon of popularity of blogs. Just now at us in the country the podcasting takes the first steps. While abroad it is almost separate full-fledged information channel: in a podcasting format already broadcast such information monsters as CNN, Discovery Channel, NewsWeek and many others.