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How to become the bureaucrat?

at the beginning of the labor relations quite often come the truth moment - understanding that you are often used as the youngest (clever, healthy) that in most cases means the additional loading which is not reflected, unfortunately, in your modest salary.

To avoid it or, at least, to reduce the frequency of use you not to destination there are several receptions. Let`s call them School of the young bureaucrat . You for certain noticed that in institutions like hospitals, ZhEKs, administrations etc. nobody hurries anywhere, hurries nobody, one person is served hour, and the turn sits and waits. Such employees are the trained bureaucrats. That, we will learn a little from them.

First of all should learn to go slowly along a corridor . It is very difficult, but it is necessary. The natural desire of the person receiving the mass of tasks is to make quicker. And so, this delusion. Put everything it is impossible to remake. Besides, the administration, having noticed the running employee along a corridor, thinks absolutely not that you want to show: a pier, I vigorous, executive, I need to raise a salary. And the administration thinks: look - he everything is in time, it is necessary to throw still. Therefore it is necessary to go along corridors slowly and always to have the prepared answer where and why you go and why there it is possible to go slowly (for example, left in advance).

The vital ability - to inhibit in itself desire to rush immediately to perform the charged work. The matter is that, charging you the next task of the state importance, the management does not cancel the previous orders at all and does not worry at all how all of you it will be in time.

One more subtlety consists that bosses (as speak now - middle managers), as a rule, do not trouble themselves reflections about expediency of performance of this task. In most cases they just transfer you orders of the highest chiefs, quite often being at the same time in a panic state. So, a golden rule of the beginning bureaucrat - paper has to rest in bed. This rule ceases to work only in exceptional cases - at the fire, a flood or during events which in your office are equated to natural disasters: audit, arrival of the distinguished guest, etc. In all other cases should show reserved (very reserved) activity.

The Initiative is punishable - who does not know these words familiar since the childhood? But them you begin to comprehend the validity only in the course of work. The casual, spontaneous initiative, especially for altruistic reasons, can not only bring you for a framework of direct duties, but also add problems on your head. Personal example. Recently I agreed to leave on overtime on Saturday (with usual payment, but not double) instead of the colleague and to perform its work. From - for a lack of information I made not a critical, but noticeable mistake, and was nearly dismissed for it. Since then I promised to undertake voluntarily others duties.

One of the most sad moments in life of the bureaucrat is a sitting at work when there is nothing to do, and is full of the personal records. But bosses do not release, keep in store. It is convenient to have near at hand crowd of subordinates who can charge to shift, for example, old pieces of paper from place to place, having called it reduction of archive in an order and most to play on the computer or to polazit on the pornwebsites. In many solid collectives the method of fight against a similar lawlessness under the name " is developed by ; It somewhere here . An essence here in what. As sequence the workplace is left by one of employees, and goes on personal records. Aroma of its deodorant was not dissolved in air yet as the boss appears and angrily questions: And where this, how it?. . All attendees extend a hand, free from work, towards the desk searched and chorus pronounce treasured words: It somewhere here! . Cunning is that on a workplace of left the composition under the name of the same name is already created. On a back of a chair the jacket / handbag / scarf snatches, and points are put on a table over working material (naturally, not sun-protection), the lighter with cigarettes, mobile etc.

One more trouble which can happen to you, is a rearrangement separate rediska on your brittle shoulders part of the duties.

it is difficult for b to Fight against it, but it is possible. For example, the duties to carry out faultlessly, and strangers - carelessly and so that then it is possible to remake with great difficulty. If you are ready to listen to long time in the address of a claim, and then to do the business and again to listen to them, soon will cease to shift others duties to you. In principle, it is possible and just to refuse additional loading, but the administration of refusals does not love.

I congratulate, now you are the real bureaucrat! But there is no limit to perfection