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What is stutter?

usually are not born Stutterers. No, of course, there is also it, but very much - is very rare. More often than the reason others. Statistically, 2,5 - 3% of all people, and teenagers - first of all suffer from stutter .

So, stutter is an illness which is shown in the speech. It is not just defect of the speech, namely an illness: the complex in which shortcomings of organs of articulation and nervously - mental disorders intertwine is too difficult. Fatigue, depression, feeling of own inferiority - here not the full list of consequences of visible spasms of muscles of organs of articulation.

This illness leads to formation of absolutely certain features of character. The person becomes dependent on the illness in strong degree, and he develops fear of the speech. There is a vicious circle which, apparently, cannot be broken off: speech spasms cause nervousness, nervousness causes still big spasms etc. How to escape from this circle, the person does not know, and therefore becomes reserved and very much suffers. Degree of such suffering is extraordinary high. Some stammering say that they would prefer to be absolutely mute or to be left without hand if only to be able quietly, to state the thoughts without halts.

It is curious what usually alone with itself stammering speaks well or in general free of defects.

This illness develops in 96% of cases at the child aged till 5 years - when he learns to speak phrases, to build the speech. During this period the organs of articulation are defenseless, and therefore in a strong measure are subject to influence from outside. At girls this function develops earlier and is acquired by them easier, - as a rule, they 4 times less often than boys have stutter.

So, predisposition arises from - for slow and weak formation of organs of articulation, but there is more to come. The provocative reason, a certain push is necessary. Any psychological trauma (scandals between parents, a beating), a fright (a dog, beep of the train, etc.) can become it . The wrong parental education can become the same reason also. For example, the child is spoiled, all allow him, but here he gets to kindergarten where tutors treat it in a different way. Then change of psychological climate has an adverse effect on its ability to the speech.

Happens and so that the child adopts at people around of a manner of conversation, tries to imitate them. Especially, if someone from parents stammers or people close to it.

However the adult can begin to stammer too. It sometimes happens to those who endure the strongest moral shock - for example, death of the loved one on the eyes. And, on the contrary, stutter can disappear, having left people around in perplexity, and the one who just and words could not tell, - in rough pleasure.

How to get rid of it? As stutter by the nature happens three types (connected with a poor development of organs of articulation, neurotic and mixed), and it is necessary to treat it complex measures. It means that one doctor it is difficult to manage here.

1. Directly work on the speech is carried out by the logopedist. Usually it is the teacher - the speech pathologist.

2. That, as for mentality and the emotional sphere of the person, the psychotherapist undertakes. Its task - to eliminate an inferiority complex, to help the child to feel psychologically comfortably and in general to do everything possible that at it in the head and in the relations with people around everything was comfortable and harmonious.

3. Often at treatment of this disease resort to drugs, physical therapy, acupuncture. Naturally, all this needs to be applied only according to instructions of the doctor.

The optimal variant is a simultaneous work of both the logopedist, and the therapist, - in this case the greatest effect is reached. And still - the huge part in the course of treatment is assigned to parents of the stammering child. In fact, if they constantly consult with the doctor, to coordinate the actions with his instructions, to encourage the child, then in their forces to cure him in house conditions.