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What to esteem about love?

Lyubov happen different: passionate and quiet, to children, animals or the Homeland happy and undivided. Respectively, and books about love are not only scripts for soap operas, with kisses, tears and the lost children. Believe even if you treat with contempt to to romance novels it does not mean that except detectives and Playboy you have nothing to read.

Whether you thought that, as well as modern teenagers, once also sighed under the moon and still unknown writers, poets, artists suffered. And as suffered! Pined, challenged rivals to a duel, kidnapped ladies of the heart and showered in their flowers. But the most important (for us) the fact that all these experiences developed into words, notes, paints Also masterpieces of world art were created. Therefore almost all ingenious works in the field of literature, by and large, - about love.

In a word, about love it is necessary to read. But not these soap romanchik by which counters of street dealers, and books clever, eternal and just good are filled. I will make bold to recommend to you fifteen very good and necessary for an outlook and soul of books. In comments you can advise other books which made impression on you.

1. Kama - a sutra . It is the Old Indian treatise about love and sexuality of the woman and the man. If you think that Kama - a sutra - it only the description hundreds of poses, you are mistaken. It is the encyclopedia of sensuality of the person.

2. M. Bulgakov Master and Margarita . This novel incorporated all the best of the richest creative experience of the writer. Translated into all main languages of the world, the novel is (according to some researches) the most readable work written by the Russian author. The composition of the novel is so original, as well as a genre, - the novel in the novel. One - about destiny of the Master, another about Pontius Pilate. And still, the main hero of the novel is the love. Love - here that fascinates the reader. According to the author, all happiness which dropped out in life to the person proceeds from their love. The love ennobles the person over the world.

3. V. Shakespeare Othello . Well, it from the school program, you, for certain, if did not read work of the classic of the English literature, then heard many hints (hints) to it. A story about to what consequences the uncontrollable jealousy can lead.

4. E. M. Remarque Life as a loan - about love to life. The racing driver to Klerfa who arrived to Switzerland to visit the old friend, takes away fatally sick patient Lilian from tubercular sanatorium. Knowing that she needed to live very little, she dreams to spend the rest of days brightly and unusually... It is love on the verge of hopelessness. It is luxury on the verge of ruin. It is fun on the verge of a grief and risk on the verge of death. Life goes on. Life is fine!.

5. J. Boccaccio Decameron . the Book contains hundred short stories told within ten days by seven ladies and three young people. Zapershis in the house of one of them from cholera which raged in the city these people try to be forgotten, telling in turn to a story, the most different. Skillfully and not without subtle irony the picture of time and customs mocking and laughing at cunnings and tricks of seekers of love affairs and narrow-mindedness of advocates of clerical morals is represented.

6. H. K. Andersen Little Mermaid . Lyubov between the queen and the gardener, the actress and the watchman, the Little Mermaid and the person seldom is happy. For young readers I specify that the fairy tale Little Mermaid at all not about the underwater beauty Ariel and her friends a small fish and a crab, and about the mermaid who fell in love the person and gave the fine vote for an opportunity to receive human legs. Very sad story, in the childhood I over it sobbed violently.

7. J. Fowles Collector . Lyubov is different, is differently expressed and leads to different consequences - often to death and a crime. It is classics, I would tell, the psychological thriller. Keeps in suspense and sets thinking that even the most terrible and unambiguously criminal act can be justified and understood from the point of view of it made. It is a little confused wrote, but I do not want to tell a plot. Just believe - this novel leaves strong impression!

8. A. B. Stendhal Red and black . Novel Red and black - it is a tragic story of a course of life of Julien Sorel dreaming of Napoleon`s glory. Doing career, Julien followed the cold, prudent mind, but at heart always was in infinite dispute with himself, in fight between ambition and honor Pay attention to the subject line narrating about its affair with the woman who is more senior than it.

9. Vl. Nabokov Lolita . About love of the adult man to the girl - to the teenager, so-called to the nymphet . It is written on behalf of this man, very in detail, frankly and impressively.

10. V. Sorokin Thirtieth love of Marina . Modern, in something the scandalous author speaks about love between women, girls, girls with the detailed description of acts and feelings a simple language. The termination is the unexpected, leaving strong feeling of bewilderment. The novel interesting and in some degree useful to both women, and men.

11. I. Volkova The Girl with greetings . Irina Volkova is a modern writer, her books for women and about women, but they very light and not so sugary, not tearful. The recommended novel subdued me the tenderness and dimensions of images.

12. B. Show Pygmalion . This play - just Klondike of clever thoughts, ideas and humour. The name addresses a name of the mythical sculptor who molded such beautiful girl that fell in love with her and recovered. In the play, of course, nobody is recovered, and simply mold from the simple provincial little girl the real lady. What from this left, esteem.

13. Ya. Vishnevsky Loneliness in the " network; . From everything that is eternal, the shortest term at love - such is a keynote of the European best-seller of Ya. Vishnevsky. Heroes Loneliness in the " network; meet in the Internet - chats, exchange erotic imaginations, tell stories from the life which appear stronger any fiction. They will meet in Paris, having passed not through one test, but the meeting

14 will be the main test for love. P. Coelho Eleven minutes . the Most frank, most naturalistic and the most scandalous of Paulo Coelho`s novels. It is a story about the prostitute by the name of Maria. To it, the professional woman of easy virtue, it is necessary to drop a hint of doubt and reflections of the author about a problem which ripened in modern society for a long time, but about which nobody decides to speak openly yet. As well as in all other books of Coelho, in Eleven minutes each reader will get a response to questions, own, important for it. But as well as in other works, he will not receive on them ready answers.

15. P. Shtamm Agnes . Hera of the novel, the young writer from Switzerland, comes to Chicago to collect material for the new book, and meets the girl by the name of Agnes who with enthusiasm goes in for mathematics. The love unexpectedly changes his life: having thrown work, he at the request of Agnes writes about it the story. The history which is gradually expanding in its computer begins to live life, fiction and reality intertwine, and so happily beginning history comes to the tragic end.

I will add still: read! Just read: newspapers, books, announcements on columns Read to become cleverer, stronger spirit and is more humane!