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What to do with a stray dog?

A few weeks ago, coming back from work, I saw a charming dog of unclear breed near the house. He sadly looked at me and was coordinated by trace. He answered with an amazed look of big eyes and persistent prosecution on heels all my attempts to take away the uninvited fellow traveler. Everything ended with the fact that he whisked at a door of my entrance and landed predo me on a floor, continuing to draw attention to itself in every way. There is nothing to do, the decision of a dog to take and address for council the neighbor, the dog lover with an experience was made.

M - yes, never assumed that such opportunity can happen to me. (Only do not think that I do not love dogs, - I love from far away, but if to be up to the end honest, I prefer cats). And similar can happen to you. And here what with it to do, I will try to prompt, relying on experience of the above-mentioned neighbor.

For a start we will understand, why run away dogs . By nonsense (to the or owners), on call to satisfaction of natural physiological requirements of an organism (the male will smell a female - and hi), well and at last that in life does not happen (lost ability soberly to estimate the events at the sight of street fireworks, was frightened). So, lovely owners, you hold better than the Balls, Doggies and Atosov on a lead. I understand that they are people " too; but to you then to expire bitter tears.

We will pass to special signs lost (or lost) the former domestic dogs. Usually this existence of breeding, a collar (as a rule, without lead), otkormlennost, ukhozhennost and nachishchennost (if loss recent) and the main thing - fussiness in behavior, the dog looks for the owner too.

So if obviously house meets on your way and it is obvious without owner a dog, should not be enough a poor animal. It, perhaps, in nervous haste chooses a latrine while the owner is aired where - nibud nearby - itself more expensive will leave, and a dog, most likely, it will not be pleasant (behind canines business will not become). And yes there is nothing to speak about the owner - to be to you beaten for desire to make, perhaps, the first and only noble act in life.

If it is persistent in the prosecution - a dog more visible whom to address, believe her intuition and a moist nose with hypersensibility. It is not necessary to try to prove to a dog that you - a baddy and a radish, and he with you was mistaken (it, by the way, I and tried to make) - all the same will not believe. And it is impossible to throw a zhivotinka - will finally get lost, it will not be, without moving, to stand on that place where thought that it was lost.

As you already, probably, understood, pervo - napervo it is necessary to be convinced that the owner really is absent, and the dog chose you in assistants. Your actions:

1. Let big-eared know about the favor and good intentions. For this purpose stop to mutter as a prayer, Pshel from here and Kysh to wave a hand, to stamp legs and to make other gestures, unnatural for your usual state. Just tell For me! .

2. If the dog positively reacted to your offer and, having lifted up a tail (in the presence of what to lift up), rushed off for you, try to find the owner in vicinities. Perhaps he just talked nonsense on mobile and forgot partially that he brought someone to walk.

3. The owner is not found? Safely conduct a dog home.

4. Houses wash it paws (if you are not afraid) and feed - give to drink. Not at everyone on such case the pack of a dog forage therefore be limited to the diet is prepared, having excluded from it milk, greasy and sweet food. As for liquid, from your table only water will approach, perhaps, (not in sense Cooks Forfeits etc.) . If on your table it absolutely is absent, look for it in the cooled-down teapot or in the crane (for what it is necessary to turn the handle with a blue circle).

5. The dog will strongly suffer, missing the owner therefore treat her tenderly.

6. Prepare by sleepless night. The dog, most likely, will carry out it at an entrance door, whining also bark. Do not pay attention to knock of neighbors in a wall and own headache, you remember - you make a noble act, and nothing can stop you.

7. Next day hang out announcements of the found animal (as a last resort, it is possible to address on radio and TV). Do not try to make it the property - for it it can end very badly. And for owners loss of a pet is equivalent to loss of the family member.

8. For absolute zero in a sobakovedeniye: it is necessary to walk a dog two, whenever possible three times a day (in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening).

River of S. If on your way the ownerless pit bull terrier - a bull terrier - a mastiff, etc. meets, forget about everything that I wrote here, and do legs.