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What to do at examination?

How to be prepared for examination in respect of knowledge and psychology, I wrote already recently. I will remind in brief. On examinations not hammer try to be prepared, teach all that was not learned in the previous half a year - year. The day before try to sleep, follow signs if you trust in them, put on in convenient clean clothes, you can drink a few calming herbs and - forward, on barricades!

Generally, you should not be afraid of examinations. You not a rabbit, and teachers not boas who want to eat you. They just want that in your head there was knowledge.

By the way when you prepare at home, you do not cram by heart the page by the page. Select the main theses better, remember them, and " waters; you will pour by the own words. Teachers love not the swots and thinking and reflecting (on a subject!) people.

Whether it is worth doing cribs? If is for this time, then it is unambiguous yes! In - the first, in the course of its production information is better remembered. In - the second, a crib warms soul also gives confidence that it is very important at the examination. I in this material will not speak about any modern manufacturing techniques of spurs.

So, you came into an office, pulled out the ticket , looked at questions and understood that you also did not learn it. Wait to change the ticket, it makes a bad feeling and at once reduces an assessment of future answer to 1 point. Think, maybe, all of you - know something, in the beginning always it seems that affairs are bad. And you will sit down to prepare - you will understand that devil is not so black as he is painted.

It is impossible to admit that you do not know something . Even if in general on zero - all the same answer! Be resourceful, inventive, tell about everything that it is possible to tie to this subject, and do not forget about humour. I will tell one joke, not really ridiculous, but instructive. The student took examination in zoology and learned only one question - about fleas. The question of dogs comes across to it. The Dog is an animal at whom fleas are found in wool. Fleas are insects - also tells. Wait - professor says, - and what you know about fishes? . Fish has no wool and if was, then in it fleas would be got. And fleas, professor, are

The assessment is determined by the first ten to the phrases said by you. They need to be given out molodtsevato, surely, with skill. Even if there is nothing to tell more, pretend that are ready to stir for the set subject though the whole day. Seeing such speed, the examiner can quite stop you at critical boundary and to ask to turn to the following question.

If professor so was fond of conversation with you that itself began to answer the question, do not disturb it . Occasionally only insert " remarks; yes it is right I also wanted to tell it! . Practice shows that, having left verbal ecstasy, the teacher does not remember any more which of you two hung up to another on ears clever noodles, and just in case will not begin to reduce an assessment. As a last resort, repeat to it what was just heard from him.

While balls and small screws in brains feverishly develop the plan of the answer, be adjusted on reception of information which issues answering to you. Can ask it an additional question, or its ticket can have something in common with a subject of yours. You look, and you will borrow something useful.

If the teacher tired out you on the brink of a precipice, suggesting to choose one of two possible versions of the answer , you will be helped out by subconsciousness - say what flashed in the head the first. You can look out of the corner of the eye at colleagues by misfortune - perhaps, someone from them from altruistic reasons will show you signs what option correct. Call to the aid universal solid phrases it is dialectics it is ambiguous etc. Here already teacher will begin to get to the bottom feverishly of the meaning of what was said, and you will win a little time.

If all - are going to give you an unsatisfactory mark (for someone it and 4 or that there on new system of points), try to move to pity the examiner thus: Yes Of course, you are right, I also know that I answered badly But in our mudflow (aul) three years were not teachers of mathematics (literature, quantum physics) Such solitude Forgive I will go - and to lower eyes to a dale. It is good if at the same time you are dressed in a worn fatherly jacket and bast shoes (shoes from Intertopa also began to smell Shaneli I am afraid, will nullify all efforts). As a last resort, after receiving the two and the end of examination you can give on the appeal (remember as it is written - two l ) . To lose - you will lose nothing, and you can get. And if you precisely failed examination - can, it to the best? Perhaps, this not your calling, and you need to go absolutely on other vital road? To solve to you.

And generally, to each teacher the approach is necessary, they are people and too different too. Just you remember what I wrote at the beginning: their purpose - not to fill up you at examination and to get those remains of knowledge which are in your head. Good luck!