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How to collect suitcases?

Life of the modern businessman is, as a rule, connected with numerous business trips. Other skilled travelers are ready to go at any time though to the world`s end - disturbing small suitcase at them always near at hand, and many just begin to master knowledge of nomadic life, and drag from the city to the city huge suitcases and bags.

It it does not matter: several useful tips, small training - and any, even the most dependent man will be always ready to development of new lands and sales markets.

1. Basic baggage for a short trip (two - three days).

the Main set - a suit, trousers, a tie, pair of shirts, two changes of linen. If it is not so business trip, then a suit, trousers, a tie change on a jacket, jeans, a blazer, etc. It is desirable that all articles of clothing were combined among themselves on color and were made of not rumpled materials. It is necessary to add to it toilet accessories, and also a sweater and a raincoat or swimming trunks - depending on the direction of your trip.

At my place there is a list of things which can be necessary on a trip. With it I am verified before going, for example, to the sea. Usually in vanity such trifles as threads with a needle, the charger to mobile, a small lamp, a small towel, hand cream and so on are forgotten. Depending on the one who and where goes.

2. What type of baggage to choose?

If you often travel by plane, do not take with yourself big suitcases - it will help you to reduce registration time considerably. Practically all major companies - producers of bags and suitcases produce the models specially suitable by the size in order that they could be taken in inside of the plane. It is convenient if the bag is supplied with castors and telescopic (developing, moving forward) the handle. Useful will be to remind that for what the firm (and, naturally, is more expensive) is more known, that is more practical and the thing will be more durable.

3. Laying art. Anyhow things are showered with

in a suitcase only in case of big family scandal. In all other situations development of knowledge of laying of baggage will save to you a lot of time and nerves on arrival to the destination.

Stack the folded trousers on a bottom. Then shirts. It is very convenient to pack them in hermetically closed packages - the formed air layer will prevent them to become crumpled strongly. Further you display small objects in the side pockets intended for this purpose. You fill emptiness with socks and the curtailed pieces of linen. You put the packed boots and a case with toilet accessories on clothes. From above - a jacket, previously having turned out it a lining outside and having folded double.

4. What to leave at itself. Never hand over to

in baggage a notebook, documents, drugs necessary for you, the mobile phone, money and any valuable things which dimensions allow to place them in a personal bag or a package of the average sizes.

Besides, in distant packages the inflatable pillow, a set of toilet accessories, a replaceable set of linen can be useful to you. Skilled travelers also take with themselves a nylon easy bag (for dirty linen), the electric adapter, the lock with a digital code, the folding road iron and a belt with pockets for money and documents - from street pilferers nobody is insured.

Successful travel!