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How not to die of fatigue?

Oh, I die of fatigue! - which of us at least once in life did not say this phrase? There are no forces Weakness in all body - only also you hear today. All of us are tired, but differently and for various reasons.

Allocate several types of fatigue:

Pleasant fatigue, when the physical activity or trainings bring corporal or sincere satisfaction. Such fatigue and an easy ache pass in bones after good rest or night of sound sleep.

Recently I started going to the modern dances - my friend Olya says. - Generally I not really am on friendly terms with sport, but there were a strong wish to behave in a tone. After the first occupations I came home squeezed out as a lemon, and next day the body ached literally everywhere. But, believe, even this fatigue was for me pleasant .

Painful fatigue. the Name of such exhaustion speaks for itself. There is nothing pleasant in it. Most often such fatigue is followed by temperature, loss of appetite and the general slackness. If you have such symptoms, then, most likely, it is not work or wearisome trainings, and in an illness. Therefore do not postpone on a visit to the doctor.

Weakness as reaction to some events and phenomena. you with someone quarreled, moved to the new place or, maybe, unexpectedly promoted you? The negative or positive event took place - it is some kind of stress. The body responds to it in own way.

My acquaintance promoted two weeks ago. When we celebrated this event in cafe, it already then seemed pale. I wrote off it for its nervousness concerning increase. But today we happened in a minibus - its pallor did not pass. I began to be tired very quickly at work - he complained to me. - I so waited that I will be raised, and now something is not really glad. There is a wish to lay down on a sofa before a TV set, to drink beer and to see nobody .

It is the most widespread type of fatigue. Unfortunately, it leads to so chronic exhaustions and depressions popular presently. So the usual fatigue turns into an illness against which we begin to fight. And when nothing helps, again we fall down in a depression. To break off such vicious circle very difficult, but it is possible to facilitate stay in it. It is necessary to stop, well to consider the exhaustion reasons, and if necessary to change a way of life or the attitude towards people and events.

The knowing people advise to conform to the elementary rules which will help to smooth consequences of your fatigue.

1. Dream. do not ignore signs that your organism needs this type of rest: yawning, absent-mindedness of sight, eye pain, general fatigue of a body. If there is opportunity, after a lunch take a nap a half-hour - hour. By the way, dreams can play a positive role in your treatment too. In - the first, you can dream about the solution of your problem; in - the second if the dream is pleasant and colourful, you just receive a positive charge.

2. Food . In the period of fatigue refuse rigid diets and try as far as finance allows, to diversify the menu. Vitamins, especially in " are necessary for you; postwinter period. It is better not to address drugs, they give only temporary effect.

3. Daily routine . Of course, you would not like to waste in vain time, especially if you work and cannot go on leave. All the same try to plan the day so that time for rest was more, than usually. Perhaps, it is worth taking couple of days of holiday at own expense just to roll about on a sofa, to do some shooting monsters on a computer and to have a rest from those persons whom you meet nearly an every day.

4. Relax at each opportunity . Let your body will be soft and pliable as a kitten. You never had to take the kitten who grew soft on the sun in hand? If yes, that you remember that his body hanged down at you from a palm as the wet newspaper. Even the Indian yogis claim that art of a relaxation should study at cats.

It more - less universal recommendations. But to whom how not to you, it is better to know what will rescue you from fatigue? Someone is helped by a heat bath, to someone - massage or a cup of coffee with a chocolate. Find the option and - live with pleasure!