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What do you smell of?

my friend estimates unfamiliar and absolutely unfamiliar men by several criteria: the pumped-up figure, clever eyes and a slight smell of men`s fragrance draw its attention always. And, she, naturally, can notice the last even if the man costs a back or sits and does not look at it.

Many millennia were known back that aroma does the woman more attractive. In Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece aromas were appreciated more expensively than gold, emperors spent for them more, than for jewels and fabrics. For us this barbarity, but Ancient Greek women of fashion, for example, hid in hairdresses fat pieces with jasmine extract. On a heat fat melted and flew down on a body, smelling sweet as a jasmine. Famous Cleopatra herself prepared cosmetic preparations. She directed real cosmetics - perfumery factory: millstones for grinding of herbs, coppers for cooking of structures,

Hardly someone will begin to deny amphoras and flakonchik with fragrant substances that our opinion on people in some degree is connected with how our sense of smell reacts to them. Not always smells are pleasant: the pungent smell of sweat or the pro-sweating clothes, a tobacco smoke from a mouth, onions

to eliminate unpleasant smells, a little daily to wash under a shower or in a bathtub, a little daily to change underwear. It is necessary to use even after each bathing deodorants which disinfect skin and eliminate a sweat smell.

Strong spirits draw attention, but know that the combination of different cosmetic smells seldom happens successful. Therefore if you buy, for example, toilet water, shower gel, soap, a milk for a body, give preference to a set of one series. Now it is not a problem, and almost in all shops and catalogs cosmetic goods are grouped in series.

A choice of perfume - business deeply intimate, in some measure they have to be means of self-expression, correspond to appearance, character, age, to emphasize the status and sexuality. Therefore, by the way, it is not recommended to give toilet water and spirits, except those cases when you were told the exact name or a trademark of a desirable gift.

Spirits can be divided into three categories: fruit or flower aromas, aromas korenyev and spices, exotic fantasy smells. The flower smells pleasant and fresh, are so various that give rich opportunities of the choice to all women. Aroma of spices is felt as very solemn, and suits bright brunettes more. It categorically it is contraindicated to young girls with romantic appearance. The same treats also exotic smells.

Many experts consider that in the summer better flower and fruit smells are perceived, and it is better to replace them with fantasy in the winter But there is also other opinion: it is not bad at all if certain spirits become a constant and integral part of your image. Naturally, not for the rest of life, but for any long term - why is also not present?

So, you decided to perfume. Moisten places on a body where blood pulses (behind ears, on wrists, a neck) - it is considered that here the smell will keep most longer. The clothes thus are not recommended to be flavored - there can be spots. It is possible to put the scented rag on a regiment of a case with your clothes, and it will get a light aroma, and the fur stores a smell longer than other fabrics. Esther Lauder recommends to disseminate spirits in air before herself and to pass forward through fragrant cloudlet .

Listing the elegant objects decorating Onegin`s office, Pushkin wrote: And the feelings coddled a joy - spirits in cut " crystal;. You want to learn more about the secret force of a smell? Read Patrik Suskind`s novel Perfumer - you will not be disappointed.