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What do we appreciate in life?

How old are you? What? Tactless question? Yes, for certain you are right. However, it has no special value as if to you years so from 15, then you not once thought of about what the speech will go further.

Whether you thought of meaning of life? Again silly question. Who did not reflect for what he lives? And of what you dream? Not in material sense (the majority thought About expensive " car; About a lodge on the seashore Yes just I want to be rich! - truth?) and in a broad sense this word. And what for you the most valuable in life? What on the first place, and that on the tenth? And darling? - And what is with it? He darling also loves you. Where it will get to?

I am absolutely precisely sure that I asked these or similar questions to myself and constantly each person sets. Only answers to them are found not by everyone.

Long ago I try to understand for myself - that for a strange being person ? Why most of people (not all of course, but bulk) does not appreciate till a certain moment what they have in life? Yes, some time everything is fine, life plays paints, we wait for the moment when to legs the whole world falls, we think that we young people will be eternally, we dream, we make plans. And then something happens, and we understand what lived up to this point - all this not that, all of us did not so, incorrectly, at the wrong time. Why we do not appreciate what we have NOW? Why to understand that in life the main thing to place priorities, has to occur something in most cases disaster?

We earn money? And what for? In them happiness? For them it is possible to buy everything? Perhaps, and the truth, it is possible Though, stop Probably, the only thing that cannot be bought (or to create illusion that it is possible to buy) is time. Time - here that the person has a most expensive. Here what it is impossible to waste, anyway - life very short. And we often hide, being covered with work, study, fatigue, simply laziness. We put off what needed to be made still yesterday. We postpone meetings with favourite people, we do not tell words which would be more expensive than any jewel to them. Tomorrow will not be similar to today`s any more. Tomorrow there will be new cares. Tomorrow will be tomorrow.

And today - today it is necessary to manage to make everything, to tell everything, to add, finish singing, dolyubit To let know to dear people that they are really dear that with them it is better for you, than without them. Believe, they will estimate it and will return to you care, caress and love in a tenfold size. You do not trust? And you try! Time spent with favourite and dear people will be remembered in many years. Meetings, love, care about each other, but not days at work, you will carry by in years and will remember and store with such trembling tenderness. And when you will hear as someone for fun or seriously asks and in what meaning of life, you will smile and somewhere at heart to sympathize with the poor fellow, yet not understood. Yes, it is unconditional, sense at everyone the. Main, all - to find it. And the earlier, the better. To change yourself for the sake of someone, but not to try to change darling - think whether you fell in love with him if it is though a little not it?

More questions, than answers turned out, probably. However, so it is even better. Everyone will be able to ask once again to itself(himself) all these questions and, maybe, though to answer one of them. Not for someone, and for. To understand, as, the main thing who is important for it and that can be postponed for later. I already made the choice. And you?