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How to become the rich? Be it!

Today we will talk about how to become the rich. And not just rich, and very rich. And not only very rich, and very rich and happy.

It is known that even the thousand-mile road to wellbeing begins with the first step. And this first step decides on what way you will go. There are roads similar to the New Year`s serpentine - it is a lot of works and scanty results. And there are roads similar to the tense string, - you are focused, nothing distracts you, your results strike you whether you quickly and easily achieve the objective

are Known by you in what a difference between love and passion? The love - is love. But the passion is a rigid combination of love and PAIN. Love to in what you are engaged, love to the loved one But at the same time and PAIN if you did not reach something. In any place, at any time just ask yourself the same question: Whether I Do it with passion? . And if what you do you do with passion, then a half of the first step is already made.

We move ahead further. Money. To be exact, what the stock of money, except money gives. Count all the monthly expenses to kopek. Then increase by six. You receive the sum which will allow you within six months, even without working, to consider quietly where you go in the life. And can be to you it is necessary to change a job or to replace the direction in business? It is already the second half of the first step. You stopped? Thought? Decided on the direction? Forward!

Now you will be able precisely to tell: I not just love the work, and I treat it with passion and I can devote to the business all myself and all the time . And here, your first step to wellbeing is already taken.

Of course, on the first step the road does not come to an end. Ahead the second, third the tenth the 100-th And each of them has to be followed by understanding that you do why you do it also by desire to carry out the plan in that that became.

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