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How to pass from nationalism and intolerance - to a brotherhood?

were published the research of the Harvard political scientist Robert Putman showing that rasovo - ethnic heterogeneity in society exerts negative impact on trust of his members to each other Recently. In other words, in the community mixed on ethnic structure his members not only do not trust not similar to them on appearance and culture, but also trust less people who are externally similar to them.

Research was conducted in it melting copper races and nationalities, as the city of Los - Anzheles, and also in extremely ethnically homogeneous rural areas in the State of South Dakota.

From the personal experience of residence in the USA I can tell - the author is right! Really, the area from the point of view of races and nationalities is more motley, the less people feel at home. The area of comfort is usually narrowed to the sizes of own living space, at best - to the sizes of family or clan. Everything that outside, is perceived cautiously, suspicion and forms the corresponding relation to public places and rules of conduct. Criminal groups in the cities are also formed generally on an ethnic sign. The paradox - the country with most mixed rasovo is available - national structure gets huge economic advantages from it, but at the same time lags behind on the level of social comfort and confidence some settlement in the central Africa...

G - N Putman sees an exit from the created situation in change of behavior of indigenous people of the country. It, say, will allow to create new socially - the cultural environment into which both the indigenous people, and emigrants will successfully fit.

Very interesting conclusions! Remains only unclear what will induce the indigenous people of the country possessing the main economic resources and the political power to remake itself in a new way? Considering that the army and police in the USA is well armed and trained and traditionally does not hesitate to apply these arms both on criminals, and on protesters...

Let`s consider now so-called effect of diaspora when members of one etnichesko - cultural group create a certain society in which they practice mutual aid in its various manifestations. It is no secret that belonging to similar groups not only psychologically supports the person on life, but also often defines his success, both in business, and in policy. A fine example of similar educations are the Jewish and Armenian diasporas worldwide. Mutual support and the help in these diasporas is the secret law, besides put nearly at the genetic level.

You ask: that the general between mistrust in melting copper and effect of diaspora? Everything is very simple. In the second half of the 20th century the whole world began to turn gradually in melting copper . Europe, Russia, even rich east countries absorb annually crowds of emigrants from all world`s ends. Thus, American reality soon will become reality far beyond its limits. And to avoid global dissociation, hatred and mistrust during an era of globalization and telecommunication revolution, people will have to adopt a secret of effect of mutual aid in diasporas. How to make it? What can serve the subjects sticking together a factor which will cause trust and sympathy regardless of external and cultural distinctions?

It is obvious that it has to be something, being over physiology and the settled customs. I will dare to offer the candidate - the altruistic society promoting joint understanding of laws of the Nature. Creation of altruistic society is necessary for understanding of the Nature by law of similarity. The Nature is constructed on the principle of an absolute mutually inclusiveness and interaction. Therefore human society which will consciously build up the similar relationship in itself will be the ideal tool of knowledge of the Universe. However altruism in itself for the sake of society is not viable. As history of creation of communism showed, it, eventually, results in a bigger dissociation and hatred. Thus, only altruism for the purpose of comprehension of laws of the Universe has the right for the place in our world.

Among other things, the understanding of laws of the Nature will become essential for a physical survival of a human civilization. Natural cataclysms of the last decades and, the most important, a tendency to their increase will serve as good incentive for our comprehension of the true reasons. The certain system closed on itself turns out. On the one hand, people will have to learn mutual support for peaceful co-existence and development in the conditions of a new stage of hashing, and on the other hand, this mutual aid by it will be vital for a simple survival in the conditions of ecological crisis of planetary scales.

Time to work, misters Homo sapiens!