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What in the computer buzzes? How to make the old computer

is more silent What to do if your computer rustles?

of Option two: it is possible to replace the computer or to be engaged in its alteration to make more silent. I will tell

In this article how to make the computer more silent.

Main sources of noise: fans, CD/DVD drives, leaky adjacent lateral covers of the case, hard drives.

Remember that you make all alterations in the system unit at own risk and in case of malfunction as a result of alterations and improvements will refuse to you warranty repair!

Fans The the fan is less than

, the more he needs to make turns and the more it rustles. The first that needs to be made - to try to clean all small hummers In detail I wrote about fans and their types in the article Who in the computer buzzes or How to make the computer more silent? I will remind that fans with the bearing of sliding are more silent, but they should be greased regularly. Remember that a large number of fans is not a guarantor of good cooling, them has to be so much to provide good current of air via the case.

Optimum - it is: one fan on the frontal panel with turns is slightly less, than at the back fan, the third - the blowing processor and a radiator on a chipset, the fourth - for the video card if it is required. It is possible to get rid of excess fans by installation of big radiators on the video card and a chipset of the motherboard. But only in case your case rather spacious and in it can be installed to 120 mm exhaust fans. It is also desirable to put radiators on modules of random access memory and if you are an audiophile and at you costs, for example SB Audigy, then it is desirable to install radiators and on the sound card. In cases, when there is no fastenings for radiators, the special thermocarrying-out glue for radiators very much helps.

CD/DVD drives

Often these devices from - for bad fastening and a side play between the case and the device begin to make unpleasant sounds. That to eliminate it, it is necessary to take for a while the drive, in the released compartment usually on each side is clamping short moustaches they are obliged to prevent a side play of the device and vibration, carefully unbend them so that the drive was inserted very densely and not floundered about in a compartment. If there are no such clamping short moustaches that cut out two rags from a piece of rubber and use them as laying between the drive and a compartment on each side, it is also possible to use rubber washers if such not to find, then to cut out them from thick porous rubber.

Hard drives Sometimes come across to

HDD making the specific whistling and other sounds. As a rule, no actions for decrease in their noise help, to buy special noise-attenuating box for HDD more expensively, than to replace the hard drive with new. Therefore give yourself a gift - buy more silent HDD. From practice I can tell that, for example Samsung with a spindle of Nidec is much more silent, than the same HDD with JVS spindle, to watch type of a spindle on a reverse side of the hard drive. Besides, for absorption of vibrations it is necessary to establish HDD on bolts with rubber washers If cut fastenings uneven, then it is better to fix on three screws, in this case HDD will not vibrate from - for a compartment distortion.

Lateral covers it is frequent in cheap and not really cases happen a source of noise in the form of a tinkling sound. If you have " case covers; soft i.e. they are easily bent, it is necessary to strengthen them, for example, having glued rigid laths a cross - crosswise. Also if at a cover is clamping short moustaches that it is necessary to adjust their gap in order that the cover did not dangle at installation into place. If the fixture of a cover is made by other principle, and it jingles, try by practical consideration, pressing a finger the established cover, to find in what place it will cease to jingle and strengthen the found place either a bend of fixing grooves, or laying from rubber or an insulating tape.

Some more councils:

At an opportunity use ventilating grates from a round steel wire. For this purpose you will need to cut manually or by means of nippers or scissors on metal to cut out a standard stamped lattice, and then to fix a lattice together with the fan so that the lattice was outside of the case. It will reduce noise as the wire lattice creates less obstacle to air.

It is possible to use a pylesobirayushchy setochka, it will reduce amount of dust in the case. It is possible to make it of a close-meshed kapron grid or of a double layer of an anti-mosquito grid. Remove a front cover of the case, cut out a grid by the sizes of an air vent and fix it by means of thermoglue (is on sale in any shop of radio components).

Replace plastic legs of the case on self-made of porous rubber or a stopper. Often the table on which there is a case strengthens the sounds made by the system unit. Legs from sound-absorbing material will prevent it.

I hope, my councils will help you with fight against noise.