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How to teach to say the child the whistling sounds, or Zoya of ZZZZ sound the hostess of

After the birth the first half a year the child “ it is adjusted “ on the speech. Listens, tries possibilities of the articulation device. It is the festivities period. Then from what heard and tried, tries to put sound combinations, that is, it is configured to the speech of people around. Then, having modified what nalepetat, begins to speak by rules of the native language. Here also wait its various troubles. Ours the child tells some sounds incorrectly, from the point of view of the standard rules of a pronunciation in this district.


For example, the wrong pronunciation of the whistling sounds occurs among two - three-year-old chatterers.

It as you understand, sounds With, Z, C.

Most often meets a pronunciation of these sounds between teeth. There are, of course, originals which replace them with T, D, F, or something else is pushed.

But we ignore their whims and we hold the ground. C are only lovely to us With, Z.

We begin with the provision of language, convenient for work, - lying. Lying on a lower lip. Flat language, without hillocks and sharp tips, lies and does NOTHING. you rhymes any ridiculous read

to it, and it lies. As long as possible keeping a quiet equal state.

Then curious action will read. Gently, finger...


Fingers are used only the family to language, that is not your, dear parents. If only you do not want the fingers, to lose.

And so, is gently pushed by a finger a language tip for the lower teeth.

It, that is language, lies behind teeth the roller now, and again DOES NOTHING.

Ask to whistle quietly - ΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡ. At the slightly opened mouth, whistle will also turn out silent.

Put on language core a toothpick or other thin stick, along the average line of language. Now it is possible to snatch this stick upper teeth and to say more predatory ΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡ.

The sound has to leave a cold stream and on a chin to flow down down.

Now we will play.

You take a piece of a piece of paper, you rumple to a ball, you put on a plateau or on something on it similar. you Substitute

under a children`s chin a ball.

without looking at it, and turning an eye forward, smiling (with the correct pose of language, behind teeth) yours blows speech the master on this ball with a sound ΡΡΡΡΡΡΡΡ put.

It is necessary to aim precisely forward. If the ball departed aside, so language laid down incorrectly, crookedly.

It is necessary to try to obtain exact flight.

can So force down targets or to get in “ gate “.

It is necessary to enter a sound With into the speech as well as all other corrected sounds.

At first syllables.

Then words, where a sound at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of words.

Then phrases, then tongue twisters.

I can wait only then for pronouncing this sound in the free speech.

I remind.

the Sound can appear in the speech at the child only after free and fast pronunciation of tongue twisters. Before he is in work and trains, trains. So do not torment with

the child ahead of time.

The sound Z differs only in sonority. There are no problems.

the Sound of C demands additional work as it consists of two sounds - T and Page. Therefore, at first slightly them it is divided, T - With, T - With, the HARDWARE, and gradually, accelerating, we connect to C.

Is entered into the speech as well as Page