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What is SM - sex?

At a turn of the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries in the middle of inquisition in Western Europe appeared strange people who went from the city to the city, castigating the body. They were called flagellant. The confessor of flagellant is Pyotr Damiani - preached public self-flagellation for the sake of redemption. His follower Gerardo Bergamscy spoke about the clearing force of a scourge too and called it magnificent remedy.

Certainly, sacred inquisition investigated the next heresy. In church court Gerardo Bergamscy regretted and the scourge anathematized. He declared that it is the tool of a devil as castigation instead of clarification from sins provoked in it violent lust and pushed on fornication, both with women, and with men. However, the repentance did not help: Holy Fathers burned Gerardo Bergamscy on a fire.

The sexual effect of flogging was known long before medieval flagellant. In Ancient Rome during a fertility holiday by tradition of the man flogged a belt of young girls that allegedly did them more sensitive, and, besides, prolific.

Anyway, already very few people argue that the scourge and birches often return pleasures of sex and are capable to cure men of impotence, and women from frigidity. Usually erotic effect arises at a difference of floors: the man the woman, the woman - the man has to sech. It is possible to mention the Philippine masseurs who, working with a whip, force to test an orgasm and eighty-year-old old men as an example, without speaking about forty-year-old men.

Physicians claim that receptors which perceive pain and pleasure, - same. Between pain and pleasure there is very thin side, the difference consists only in influence force. It as distinction in a medicine dose: at a high dose - poison, at reasonable - medicine. The main thing - to find this side, and then the person receives bright erotic experiences. And from the point of view of psychoanalysis sex and violence are closely connected.

As founders of SM - sex, judging by the name, it is considered to be the French writer marquis de Sade and the Austrian prose writer Leopold von Sacher - Mazokh who became world famous thanks to the story Venus in bellows .

Now the perception of a sado-masochism as perversions can be met only at conservative sexologists. Professional psychologists do not include SM too - sex in the category of behavioural pathologies. In general the modern medicine recognizes a sado-masochism as a full-fledged type of sexual transaction. Certainly, only in that case when people enter the similar relations voluntarily and by agreement.

In sexology all this is called role-playing games. The range of actions of players includes binding (bondage) and erotic flogging (spanking), and requisites are handcuffs, chains, lashes, switches, birches and whips of all styles. And though the person unsophisticated all this can call barbarity, actually, a sado-masochism - filigree game in force and weakness.

The passion and relaxedness of partners are necessary for successful role-playing games in style of a garden - mazo that, eventually, gives the whole complex of thrills. Women (at least, some women) practice flogging of men by soft parts. Probably, in them tells a maternal instinct: some associations with the guilty child arise inevitably. Besides they are probably pleasant to have sex with the man who was just marked out flogging. At the same time many psychoanalysts consider that women since the childhood are programmed on masochism, and own pain is also capable to bring them pleasure.

* * *

They say that each person is in a varying degree inclined to violence. SM - sex allows to realize this tendency in a safe form. By means of similar role-playing games and the man, and woman can carry out the imaginations and take sexual pleasure, without feeling for itself any guilty.

By the way, demand for SM - services in Moscow even exceeds traditional paid sex. But it so far. For certain the niche will be filled because for professionals erotic flogging - occupation much less tiresome soon, than make love.