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What is Berenguer reborn doll?

dolls of the producer of Berenguer stirred up Not so long ago all Europe. These dolls - babies look so authentically that a time they cannot be distinguished from the real living kids. Modern company Berenguer " Dolls; (Dolls by Berenguer) was founded in 1993 in Spain by El Salvador and Jose Berenguer.

The family of Berenguer was known for creation of various dolls since 1940 - x years. Jose Berenguer began to create them in 1944. In 50 - e years of last century these dolls were already well-known excellent quality, beauty and realness. Most popular in this collection at that time were dolls of Chelito and Pepin.

Later the son, El Salvador, adopts relay from the father. The son has not less surprising talent of design of dolls. El Salvador began the activity in 1967, and continues it to this day, trying to obtain original similarity to reality in the creations more and more. For the last half a century the existence, the company got a foothold in the markets of the whole world.

Presently in the company there is even own studio of design of doll clothes which differs in unusual beauty and elegance. Collectors of the whole world spend huge money for acquisition of such dolls for replenishment of the collections.

Except various usual, the producer has a number of dolls from a royal series, especially for a collecting, and also a doll from a Fantasy series.

Besides, the company also makes dolls of different races and shades of skin which are widespread in the markets of America and Europe. Such dolls are not on sale in usual toy shops, but it is easily possible to get them at the well-known world auction - E - Bay.

By production of dolls in Spain use a special soft and elastic alloy from vinyl and other types of plastic. Besides, add special fragrance which something reminds a smell of children`s " oil to vinyl; Baby oil . Any doll of Berenguer is not equipped with mechanisms: they do not cry, do not laugh, do not sing, and at kids of Berenguer eyes which do either opened, or closed do not move.

The firm provides at choice a big variety of dolls with various looks that does each of them unique.

Very many shops of a kidswear get these dolls to put them on a show-window, using as a dummy. However, the buyers bewitched by beauty and realness of dolls want to get dolls together with clothes.

One more interesting fact is also that dolls of Berenguer are used in pediatrics as models on courting for babies. Besides, they are used for treatment of some diseases, for example a sclerosis.

the sculptor, the creator of different samples of dolls is To this day the art company, under the leadership of El Salvador Berenguer.

One of the well-known models of modern dolls of this firm is La Infanta Leonor . As model for its creation photos of the daughter of prince Philip Asturiysky and his wife princess Laetitia who was born in October, 2005 served. The doll made grandiose success, and all small first circulation was bought instantly up.

Except the " model; La Infanta Leonor the company made great variety of dolls - babies with various persons, for example, crying, laughing, sleeping, etc. Dolls - the kids made of vinyl look very naturally as soon as the been born boys or girls.

Some amateur artists buy dolls of Berenguer and change them, doing them by more perfect. The doll understands in parts which at first coat from within, it does vinyl parts not transparent and gives them a natural shade of human skin, and then, by means of special tools, hair are attached. That the body of a doll was even more similar to a natural body of the kid, it outside too is coated. At the same time on hands and legs draw thin veins, and cheeks, palms, knees and heels cover with special blush also to give to a doll more realistic look. The ready doll is filled plastic material from within so that its weight was equal to the weight of the natural baby, that is about 3500 kg. Nails of dolls cover with a colourless varnish.

Such dolls call reborn i.e. newly given rise also offer for sale at the same auction E - Bay. At the same time write the beautiful text, for example Hello! My name is Anzhelina. I am a beautiful baby who was born on February 5, 2007 again. My growth at the birth made 50 cm, and weight 3500. I look for the new mother to whom I will arrive in a beautiful pink suit, with a pacifier and pampers, and also the certificate of identity .

Except such letter, at auction the set of photos of this doll in all foreshortenings dressed in charming suits with additional accessories, for example with a pacifier or a small bottle, and also a soft toy etc. of

I such, again given rise dolls is exposed, as a result are on sale at auction, and if the approximate price of a usual doll of Berenguer averages 70 dollars, then dolls - reborn leave auction for the sum more than 1000 American dollars.

This new business begins to win popularity in countries of Western Europe and America.