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Why we are ill?

on the first occupation we should discuss and call

of the reason which are the cornerstone of the majority of the known

diseases. Only at first sight, it is the general question. On

the business it has huge value because gives clear

understanding of the PRIME CAUSES without which it is impossible to build competently

protection against diseases.

So we will start

Why we are ill? there is no

In life accidents, there are only regularities.

If the organism which is initially aimed at health of

comes to a condition of an illness, means there were factors,

which affected it.

Our organism, is self-repairing

unique system. He is able to clear, protect effectively and to restore

itself. But, despite it, and also on

millions of diplomaed doctors and a wide choice of drugs in

drugstores, we are ill more, than any animal. The percent of the people,

having such serious diseases as cancer a sclerosis,

a heart attack and a stroke all the time grows.

Today only the few people live till 100 years in health and

happiness, and the majority live 50 - 60 years in diseases and

sufferings. And that is really terrible, the fact that we descend

of an illness to the children!

What factors influence our health?

Still very often it is necessary to meet naive opinion,

that the major factor defining our health - MEDICINE.

If for a minute to assume that this is true,

turns out that she practically NOT

COPES with the task.

But let`s not be to read tea leaves and

we will ask a question to experts:

as far as, actually, medicine is guilty in bad condition

of our health?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?) achievements of medical science of all

only for 10% (!!!) are involved in what today health at

of people. And where to carry remained lion`s a share - 90%?

According to World Health Organization:

for 50% health and beauty depend on FOOD and the WAY OF LIFE;

are defined on 20% by HEREDITY;

for 20% depend on ENVIRONMENT. it is valid

I so. For the last 50 - 100 years in a radical

way the ECOLOGY, STYLE of FOOD and the WAY OF LIFE changed.

Experts these three factors: ECOLOGY, the WRONG

FOOD and the WAY OF LIFE, consider as the main reasons for the majority

for diseases!

Let`s consider each of them in more detail:


Special danger of ecological factors consists in their

Not evidence.

In this or that

degree, more than 90% of the population are subject to negative impact of the poisoned ecology! Annually, the human body passes up to 2 kilograms of toxic substances through


heavy metals, nitrates, pesticides, toxic substances with

food, water, air get to our organism, decades

collect in it, destroying immunity.

Only several figures of statistics:

- Exhaust gases of cars contain more than 300 harmful


- On the researches EPA only the chemicals found by

practically in each house (the synthetic finishing

materials cleaning detergents, etc.) by 3 times!!!

is more cancerogenic, than acid rains and ozone gaps


- According to the European standards in ours drinking water cannot bathe

. Cleaning helps only partially because

the majority of household filters cope only with rough


- Inhabitants of panel houses CONSTANTLY are affected negative

by evaporations and other connections,

of the building constructions which are a part that reduces their

life on average by 5 - 7 years.

- the Compounds of chlorine which are in tap water

force out from an organism a microcell iodine. Deficiency of iodine in

an organism leads to a metabolic disorder, diseases

of a thyroid gland and decrease in mental abilities.

But consequences of this threat affect not at once, it is possible

in years.

For certain, to you is familiar a set of other facts to

A as a result?

- Chemical compounds are not acquired by an organism.

Collecting in fabrics and bodies, they poison it and destroy

balance of all systems. Scientists visually proved that 80 - 90%


SUBSTANCES. Do not forget, also about continuous influence

of radiation, ultraviolet, electromagnetic fields and others,

factors hazardous to health.

- Over the last 5 years quantity of oncological diseases

only in Russia increased by 13%. Today already from 25 to 30%

of women, are more senior than 35 years have tumoral diseases

(myoma and similar);

- Indicators of infantile mortality in Russia almost twice of

is higher, than in the European states;

- Everyone 6 - I a married couple is fruitless;

- More than 90% of Russians have intestinal microflora violations -


- 63% of Russians have diseases of a thyroid gland.

- According to WHO data, more than 5 million children die annually in

the world of the reasons connected with unhealthy habitat.



Eat much, eat a little, show humanity, and put not

that got to a meek organism .

Igor Guberman

Dazhe are familiar to school students sayings We are what we eat and

Health - in a plate . This is true. Only we receive

oxygen FROM AIR. Other substances necessary for

of activity arrive With FOOD. From what

substances we consume in what combinations and proportions,

viability of our organism directly depends.

What quality of food at the modern person?

The vast majority of food products we do not grow up

in environmentally friendly conditions, and we buy in shop. Products which except

of useful nutrients, contain also NITRATES,


result on our table Our organism needs nitrates and

pesticides? No, are not necessary. But they increase a harvest therefore

the farmer used and will use them. And

preservatives raise the income of the food industry therefore the producer

of food used and will use


Many of products are exposed to various ways

of technological processing (refinement, conservation,

culinary processing etc.) which deprive of them the last

reserves of vitamins and minerals.

As for meat production, even on official

statistics to 30% of meat products contain antibiotics, who use

for acceleration of growth of animals.

10% of foodstuff contain salts of heavy metals (mercury,

of lead, cadmium ).

And of course, the all-around champion in poisoning of our

health is, so-called, the INDUSTRY of the FAST FOOD. It already did

and continues to do huge harm to health.

But, despite it, more and more people use

the services &Donalds " M; and similar to it systems. Under the influence of

of advertizing many families even in house conditions use

INSTANT products. And nobody seriously not

will try to forbid these products. You saw though on one

packing an inscription: The Ministry of Health warns: products of fast

preparation damage your health! ?

In this regard, get acquainted with one curious


In February, 2004 came out the movie of a nu - York

of the director Morgan Spurlock Supersize me (by name

of the increased portion in M &Donalds - Supersize). During the whole

month Spurlock ate three times a day in &Donalds " M; and

documented results: it gained 12 kg, its

cholesterol jumped up to heaven, the liver began to hurt it, there were

headaches, a depression, the sexual inclination disappeared

all of you still dream to have dinner in &Donalds " M;?

Today we live in a paradoxical situation when at a full

table people suffer from the diseases connected with the wrong

food and deficiency of batteries.


Many people lead an inactive life,

crowded with stresses and plentifully flavored with harmful

habits today. There are enough only several facts to understand,

how critical developed a situation:

- 40% of men and 24% of women are aged more senior than 18 years have

long term habit to tobacco smoking. Tobacco smoking by 5 times

increases risk of a disease of atherosclerosis and other

warmly - vascular diseases.

- On the international statistics it is considered to be: if in the country

8 liters of alcohol in a year

on average are the share of one person - the nation degrades. In Russia 10 - 12 liters of alcohol a year were the share of one person in 2003 in


- 80 - 90% of people lead an inactive life and eat

more calories, than spend. For example, one

cake contains so many kilocalories that in order that to burn them,

needs to go two hours without stopping. Practically

nobody does it.

In this list especially it is necessary to allocate stresses:

You know people not subject to stresses? Correctly,

of such people is simple is not present. All of us have every day stresses:

at work - a stress; on the street - a stress; the prices grow in the

catalogs - a stress; watched news on TV - again a stress.

How our organism reacts to this factor? In 10 - 15 minutes

of a stress the huge amount of energy and nutritious

substances comparable to the weight-lifter`s expenses at two-hour

training is burned. Immune protection of the person subject to frequent

stresses are weakened. As a result - it is warm - vascular and

other problems.


As you can see, in life are not present accidents - is only

of regularity. For only several last decades loadings which daily our organism should maintain

many times increased in

. Also you should not look for the exotic

reasons of diseases

ECOLOGY, IMPROPER FEEDING and the WAY OF LIFE every day as they with

the hammer, beat our organism and ruin health!

For example if once to hit with the hammer on a finger - the finger

will swell up. But the organism is capable to be restored therefore the finger

will heal. However if every day to beat with the hammer a finger? It

will never begin to live! Too most occurs at continuous

influence on us of ecology, improper feeding and stresses.

Result - we BEGIN to be ILL!

The Illness does not fall down the head like a bolt from the blue.

It is result of continuous violations of laws of the nature.

Extending and collecting, these violations suddenly break

in the form of an illness, but this suddenness only seeming


P. S.

However how to be that our organism it is armed

the most powerful systems of protection? Why they stay idle? Why

he does not protect himself from negative impact? He is able to do to

it? And medicine? Why drugs to become all

is more, but it does not influence the number of the recovered people?

The answer to this question is much simpler, than the first look can seem on

. You will be able to be convinced of it having read the subject following

which is called AS we are TREATED OR THREE MAIN

of the RULE ON the WAY TO HEALTH .

In this lesson you will get acquainted with information which changed

the attitude of very many people towards the health and helped.

It is very important question, especially if to consider that

mankind, for several millennia of continued fight for

the health, developed hundreds of various techniques and the most powerful

drugs, but all these achievements did not make us


Moreover, every year the situation becomes worse.

not that inhabitants, and doctors (people who, it would seem to

have to know EVERYTHING about health) are ill more and

is more Today.

But why, you can ask to us it is necessary to dig in

this jungle? Whether just it is simpler to tell WHAT to DO ?

Believe, I not I prolong pleasure . That we so

consistently analyze a situation there is very big

sense. A problem of our seminar it is not simple to acquaint you with

next super - a technique and to give a fair idea of

the device of an organism and its needs of nature that,

relying on this knowledge, you could be guided competently in

the most different ways of improvement.

Already at the end of this part you learn - why many

people spend considerable money for the health, but not

receive desirable result. As a result you will be able competently to organize

the system of health and to exclude from

" menu; those methods which ruin health more of

than strengthen it

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