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How to the woman to check oil level in the engine? The Car I carry

year. I carry. And it is not ideal. And when someone from men is interested in technical details of my car except that it Honda - tsivik 96 - go years of release, I any more speak nothing. Because I consider that the autolady, besides nonideal driving and an ideal description in any car showroom, has to be able to state the facts frostily.

If cars were people, then, I think that a state Japanese on our roads it is possible to describe as long frustration. Mine " Honda; ran off exactly a year, staying in hypnosis from an autocloth delicacy.

The first time it made the atypical sound similar to cough, somewhere in prompt autorodeo on the suburb. At the same time convulsively moved, but earned again. Then these spasms became frequent that, naturally, could not please me.

The husband, staying in other city, reacted to my disturbing cries inexcusably quietly, and advised me to check oil level. To my psychosis there was no end as I badly imagined this level, did not own a situation on oils in general at all, and on automobile in particular, and therefore council of darling reminded a subtle mockery more.

Not to address more for unnecessary councils, I hardly waited for morning and came tearing along on the parking, with the purpose to check oil level by all means.

was for this purpose undertaken a number of consecutive actions:

1. The cowl is open.

2. The prop - a pin on which the cowl cover was dashingly attached is hardly found sideways.

3. From a luggage carrier the kanistrochka with oil which was presented at autoauction in the form of a bonus is taken.

4. Around the car it is made free promenazh with attentive survey of its general state.

5. At an open cowl it was necessary to stop, put a kanistrochka nearby and to look round around.

Naturally, watched my courageous action several owners of cars at once. In the most of the man. And, obviously, understanding in motors it is much bigger mine. And to help me to check the level of oil two of them, and then two more were called at first. What was done by autodoctors - volunteers, kept within simple algorithm too:

1. Asked a rag for me. On my specification, dry or wet answered with purely man`s logic - dirty.

2. An orange plastic eyelet in the motor (it it is visible at once, it is similar on on yes it is similar to a loop!) it was the end of a long flat metal rod which is shipped, apparently, in the container with oil. If to pull for an eyelet, then the rod can be got entirely. These are men and made. With absolutely prozektorsky persons. On the shipped end as it seemed to me, nothing interesting was - only two holes: higher and lower.

3. The rubbed-off pure rod was shipped once again. Procedure of a pulling repeated. Only this time all men attentively looked at the end of this diagnostic dryn.

Process is similar to how hostesses determine readiness of pie or a biscuit by a match. If the tip crude - has to be taken in an oven. And so and here all man`s attention concentrated on an otmetochka of color of fuel oil at the end of a rod.

4. Further one interjection of all motorists which universally in itself and is versatily used not only in autobusiness, but also in life was unanimously said. On my shy request to decipher told men hesitated, apologized and began to explain.

5. It turned out that ordinary-looking holes on the end of a rod mean: top - an optimum level of oil, and lower, respectively - low. And when I saw that the trace costs mazutovy color on half-centimeter below the lower mark, I joined this hour a bad interjection mentally.

Further the man told that for correction of a situation it is necessary to add oil immediately. And the canister with which I cut circles around the car came in handy.

By the way, I learned couple more of efficient things. The first: now I precisely know where oil is filled in. And the second: it is not possible to turn off a cover of an oil tank without the man`s help. There it is necessary to davanut with all the dope that rocked the car, and only then it will give in. As to bank with gherkins - to press at first a cover, and then it will be turned off. Only alignment of forces another a little bit. Though in that, and in other case it is better to call the representative strong, kind and always ready to help a floor.

Another thing is that feelings of helplessness at negligent: Check oil level - at me does not arise any more. Oil - oil!