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What tell flowers about?

Desire to surround itself in the flowers not only natural feeling, it is connected with various states of mind of the person. In this sense we can ask ourselves a question: why we prefer roses, but not carnations. Why we have a soft corner in the heart for chrysanthemums or petunias? We will find the answer to these questions in ancient treatises of sorcerers. It is, certainly, not a classical look, and, it is rather a generalization of knowledge, game - the test which will help you to know itself(himself) better.

of the Rose and peonies are pleasant to ardent, cheerful, passionate and jealous people and vice versa: they are not loved by those who are afraid of life and love.

of the Carnation are preferred by those who like to keep up to date and look for center of the universe and also people with broad soul who do not adhere to strict criteria and nuances of feelings.

Tulips and hyacinths - favourite flowers of those who deeply suffer from absence of love and undivided friendly feelings and also returns to belief of people in itself.

Gladioluses and other flowers with long stalks symbolize generosity, spontaneity and love to the nature, but also and a practicality, without big sentimentality.

Garden and field violets. It is short-lived flowers which carry in a buttonhole. Those who prefer them externally do not want to look sentimental, but deeply store strong feelings in themselves.

Lilac. Seasonal flowers. Usually it is loved by very cheerful people having tendency to entertainments.

of the Chrysanthemum. In the West they - the death symbol, in Japan, for example, is a symbol of life and eternal cheerfulness.

Artificial flowers. They are alien to life. Tendency to them often means a sign of meanness, an egocentrism or melancholy, apathy, fatigue from life.

flavourless Flowers. Tendency to them is inherent in people distinguished physical or certain nervous unbalance.

Flowers with the strong teasing aroma. It are pleasant to the people inclined to violence and rough passions.

If you prefer to change often flowers, is a sign of steadiness and shows your ability to adapt easily to circumstances. Florists speak with us language of flowers long ago. It is considered to be that each plant makes the sense, the value for people.

the Acacia yellow and white - Platonic love.

the Acacia pink - an elegance symbol.

the Anemone - helplessness or an illness.

the Aster - autumn grief, tears through grief.

of Basilicas - a sign of hatred, disgust.

Barvinok - delightful reminiscence.

the Cornflower - sensitivity, grace.

the Heather - reliable friendship.

the Bindweed field - humility, humility.

the Bindweed three-colored - a coquetry.

of the Tack red - ardent love, passion.

of the Tack yellow - a disrespect sign.

of the Tack white - grief.

of the Tack motley - unshakable virtue.

the Dahlia - appreciation.

the Hyacinth - an entertainment, a joke.

the Gladiolus - a symbol of diligence and commitment.

the Hydrangea - coldness.

the Delphinium - indiscriminateness, asceticism.

the Jasmine - courtesy.

the Honeysuckle - generosity, generosity.

the Hand bell - constancy.

the Water-lily - ease, carelessness.

Night blindness - appointment.

the Lavender - mistrust.

the Lily of the valley - the come-back happiness.

the Gillyflower - haste, impulsiveness.

the Lily white - wise youth, red - a distinguished maturity.

the Lotus - a purity symbol.

the Magnolia - ambition, aspiration to be the first.

Mack - I ask consolations.

the Daisy - a sociability symbol, do not stir!

the Mimosa - sensitivity, sacrifice.

Mint - heat of feelings.

the Narcissus - you are beautiful, but also I know the own worth.

the Forget-me-not - remember me.

the Marigold - grief.

the Dandelion - heat symbol, a request for attention.

the Mistletoe - curiosity, carelessness.

the Orchid - a riddle, secret, a big secret.

the Peony - restraint, shyness.

the Snowdrop - a sign of firmness, courage.

the Rose, a bud white - the heart which is not knowing love yet.

the Rose white - expectation, silence.

the Rose red - love, sufferings of love.

the Rose red and white together - heart fire.

the Rose yellow - incorrectness.

Rosemary - your presence recovers me.

the Camomile - appeal, inconstancy.

the Lilac - the first disorders of love.

the Tulip - a declaration of love.

the Violet - modesty.

the Dogrose - poetry.

the Edelweiss - reliability.

As you can see, flowers can tell for us that for any reasons we have no opportunity to say. So give each other flowers!