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What do you think of its money? Part 4

What to do if you noticed signs of unwillingness to leave money according to your first requirement at the man?

How to be if it wrinkles a forehead and inflates cheeks at one your mention of a mink coat which it would be good by winter ? Most true the hidden blow to the ego works.

That is, you do not say to the husband at someone`s presence that he did not buy you so and so. Do not do similar at all if you are not a fan of scandals and quarrels.

you arrive more cleverly.

At the person whom your husband respects (ideally - at his chief) you begin to extol a fur coat of the acquaintance to which the husband presented this miracle that his darling did not freeze in a severe icy cold .

If you even say in clear: I so dream of such fur coat - anything terrible. Well, you will think, the woman fell into a reverie. What here it?

You will see how your partner in life will schuffle on a chair, and will try to transfer conversation to other course. You know - why?

Because to it it is inconvenient that it looks before the person whom respects, the miser who is not able to present to the beloved such trifle as mink coat.

The main thing - not to go too far. This way is the most effective, but, at the same time, the most dangerous, in sense of the relation of the man to it.

As soon as you will overstep the bound, having called things by their proper names - wait for scandal. That is, one may say, pensively looking in a ceiling - I so dream of a fur coat and it is possible to blurt out - Here he will not buy me, the greedy person!

In my opinion, it is correct to be able to distinguish the main thing in the greedy person - the greedy person, and in the person with whims - the person with whims. All of us are not deprived defined troubles . None of us are ideal.

But. Is the convinced misers . And it is quite simple to distinguish them. If the person sings to you during acquaintance that he will buy you the house from a pond, in Moscow area but at the same time does not give money to the taxi driver when sends you home zapolnoch - this person dissembles.

Do not feed with Fables of a nightingale as we know, and the further relations with such person are fraught with deep disappointments in men Not the purse decorates with

the man, and the man - a purse.

In one article it is impossible to tell about all possible masks of a triangle the man - money - the woman . And whether costs?

There are certain subgroups of men with this or that atypical (at a female look) the relation to money. But each case, all - is individual, and is in own way unique. The main thing to remember:

- to men - that money, it is only money. The paper which is not worth it that from - for it to spoil the relations with darling;

- to women - that live and all of them - love not a purse of the man, and the man.

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