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Fraud in the Network or whether Happen on the Internet easy money ?

Think if you read my article, then you are one of inhabitants infinite space of the global Internet. No matter, for what reason you here. Important the fact that the majority (well if not at the majority, then, at least, at a half of users) sometimes has a desire to support the financial position in any way. Well, who does not want to earn?

The simplest (and the most reliable) the way of earnings is employment in the specialty or on abilities (or as it will turn out). But sometimes on our mailboxes or just on the websites we find the tempting offers promising us fabulous money. But it cannot be! - you exclaim. Quite so, it also cannot be. But at the same time desire lungs money or just sports interest force us to get a grasp in these offers, and at times even to take them very much to heart.

So, I will try to answer such rhetorical question as whether there is on the Internet easy money? .

Proceeding from personal experience and experience of other people which I had to face, I will tell at once - the majority of offers on earnings of HUGE money in the Network - simply FRAUD. Well, here and conclusion. And now, as justification of the words, I will try to capture the most widespread ways this criminally - punishable act (by the way, it is article 159 of the criminal code of Russian Federation).

1. Magic (gold) purses . It is offered to send the unlimited sum on one of the offered purses. But the most interesting are promises of swindlers. In minute, hour, day etc. to you the sum in 2, 3 and the bigger number of times (depending on conscience of the people trying you to deceive) more than sent has to come. Nothing comes to 99% of cases. And 1%? - you ask. And those purses from which money comes enter this 1% (the longest term (personal experience) during which to you earnings will systematically come - it is week, and then - BOOM - and there is no money).

2. Programs for automatic reading letters . Everything is good, the sum (specified by the program) only promised to you will be allegedly delivered if you besides list such - the sum on such - a purse (as compensation to the author of the program). You understand that near the money and which is seemingly earned and yours - not to get the hand for you.

3. Exchangers . Emphasis is placed on what E - gold and WebMoney (these are payment units on the Internet) in the different countries cost differently. And you are provided to earn absolutely unique case from it. Even if and really courses different, then besides from - for the commissions at money transfer you will work to yourself at a loss.

4. Pyramids . One of the most widespread messages at forums is an offer of work with 6 (besides) purses where you have to send 3 dollars, enter the last the, and then be registered on hundreds forums in hope that someone and will make, as well as you. On polls of inhabitants of the Network, 1 dollar from the spent sum is compensated at best.

5. Questionnaires . Meet less than everything stated above, but nevertheless Suggest to send up to 1000 questionnaires of foreign firms for which money is paid to a mailbox. And swindlers for this service ask all - navsy from 10 to 500 dollars (having allegedly spent this small sum you will earn then millions).

5. These are various programs for breaking the Internet - a casino, programs for search of gaps in various banks etc. I will not press in their essence. I think, you already understood that this cheating (or - from what party to look at a way of earnings for creators of these programs).

And as the main conclusion I will tell that nevertheless money on the Internet can be earned - or using to it the efforts as in usual life, or using the talents. It is possible to earn also from simple sitting in the Network, but it is not counted - dollars 5 in a month for the spent days of hardly anyone - that will be arranged.