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What do you think of its money? Part 3

of the Woman is forgotten sometimes that the man - a being though similar to them in some parameters (- two legs, two hands!) but nevertheless - another. Very different.

With not such, as at them, women, a mentality, with opposite views of some questions. I will give an example from own life

For the second day of acquaintance to the future wife Olga I invited her in restaurant. After a dinner took a purse, intending to pay the considerable bill. Olya, in turn, got money from a handbag and, having represented severity on a face, said:

- I will pay a half!

Me it became ridiculous, I objected it, without being going to share with it what, in my opinion, is exclusively man`s fate . Namely - to pay

bills if invited the girl. My darling was unshakable and said the phrase of the following contents:

- I do not want to be obliged by anything and therefore I will pay a half.

Said with steel notes in a voice. I gave up. Really, if it has such principles if she can regard full payment of account as attempt to make dependent Why is also not present?

We divided the sum specified in the account in half, I took Olya home, and we said goodbye. Next day I noticed sharp change in tone of the girl.

She refused to meet, having referred to employment. I stayed in a condition of bewilderment, trying to remember, than could offend this sweetest being. Scrolled our dialogues in the head.

So it happened that our ways with Olga were crossed a week later, the novel flashed with a new force, and there was what occurred. We got married. only two years later the wife suddenly told

I to me that was the cause of her behavior in the first week of acquaintance. It appears, it pretended that wants to pay a half of the account at restaurant! Not to seem excessively windy, she offered the money, in hope that I will refuse! And I, in her opinion, behaved not as a real man having agreed to payment by sharing the cost!

Thus, she drew the wrong conclusion that I greedy and tactless also decided that ours with it the relations are unpromising. Perhaps, Stanislavsky, looking at Olya`s face while she offered me money, would exclaim: I do not trust! .

But I am not Stanislavsky. And I - believed. What hardly did not cost me the relations with the remarkable person, with whom I connected the life subsequently, of

Why the man does not understand with summer your thoughts and semi-hints? Why obvious, in your opinion, leading questions not direct it it is absolute on anything?

Because men - not women.

I very often cannot catch some nuances of behavior of a fine half of mankind, do not feel intonations of a voice and are not able to read female mind.

How to be?

Not to put threefold (even not double) sense in words, and in monetary questions to exclude any affectedness and insincerity.

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