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Whether smoking is useful?

Sorry, dear reader that misled you. Admit to

that at many of you, smokers, with a sinking heart the hand stretched to the reference to article, in hope to read something that will be able to justify your addiction both in the opinion of people around, and in own that is even more important. Perhaps scientists and the truth found something useful in smoking Alas, no. Remember, for example, a horse who was killed by a nicotine drop.

Smoking is considered one of most young people defects of the person also has more than 500 - summer history. After discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1492 of America Europeans opened for themselves many new plants among which there was also a tobacco.

Tobacco was declared by the curing medicative herb. It was recommended as medicine from all diseases. Here is how its miracle properties in one Spanish book were described: Tobacco causes a dream, relieves of fatigue, pain calms, cures a headache... In the beginning tobacco was smelled and chewed, but gradually began to be applied to smoking at which the tobacco basis - nicotine works more effectively. Smoking of cigarettes became very popular in Europe at the beginning of the XX century. Now smoking of tobacco is the most widespread type of drug addiction around the world.

Harm of tobacco smoking is so considerable that in recent years in a number of the countries the measures directed against smoking are entered: advertizing of tobacco products and sale of tobacco products to children, smoking in public places and transport is forbidden.

I want to reveal to you terrible secret - on women the tobacco smoke exerts more harmful impact, than on men. By scientists it is established that smoking is irreversible damages the heredity device. If gametes of the man are developed continuously, then the set of ova of the woman is given it at the birth for the rest of life. The cigarette smoked in thirteen or seventeen years can damage only one chromosome of that ovum which in years will give life to the defective child. And changes in chromosomes of smokers are observed twice more often than at non-smoking. At children of smokers twice more malformations and deformations of features, such, for example, how a cleft lip, asymmetry of eyes, etc.

So why we smoke are revealed? generally smokers say

about a popular belief that smoking weakens and gives satisfaction. But it is lie. Why after food when non-smoking are happy with everything, smokers cannot relax, will not put in a mouth " yet; to a nipple with " nicotine;?

If you decide to leave off smoking, then:

- do not wait for Monday, just get up courage and throw;

- tell the friends, parents, relatives what you leave off smoking. The more will know people about your decision, the it is more responsibility to finish begun; - do not promise to throw

forever - throw for one day, then still, still ;

- clean everything that reminds you of smoking - an ashtray from eyes, there is not enough match, etc. of

A if will power to leave off smoking forever, then listen at least to some councils:

- you smoke cigarettes with the smallest content of nicotine;

- never you smoke on an empty stomach but only after a big breakfast, besides, never muffle hunger by a cigarette;

- do not finish smoking a cigarette up to the end even if it with the filter; - you do not smoke

nervously and quickly; - you do not smoke

when you drink tea or coffee; - you do not smoke

at bedtime .

Unfortunately, at me it is impossible to follow all this advice.

A at you?