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Recently many organizations and professional a shot - recruiting agencies under the pretext of selection of shots and studying of the applicant to this or that position, suggest the last to fill in multipage questionnaires of the applicant.

Some reasons in this occasion:

Nobody gives (and will not give) any guarantees

(except certainly verbally - virtual) that the private information about the person will not be available other persons, or will not be used against him.

I is good if the information of private character about the person just is as superfluous formatted in a basket.

is worse when these data are or can be used in the electoral or trading companies and up to use by their criminals

Try to ask data on personally his hobbies, addictions, addictions for the manager of service of personnel. About

plans for the next 5 years. Whether there was a manager abroad? For what purpose? About his relatives? Whether there is a wife or the husband? Who is he (she) and where works? Information about children? Their progress? Etc.

do not forget to ask answers to the same questions and on the management of the company of the employer. Defferentsirovanno: Director, Hl. engineer. Hl. The accountant


Further ask his statement of the USRLE for the potential employer. Charter of the company. Foundation agreemtn. The information about founders of the company and its top management, including their addresses, education, experience, education, an experience in the specialty, personal bents and addictions, the information about relatives, pasp. etc. of

Of course answers to the matters the potential candidate will not obtain data.

A actually why? the applicant ALSO HAS THE RIGHT to KNOW

with whom and on what conditions

it should work!

And why in the to the questionnaire the employer or recruitment agency so persistently is interested in these data? whether

Not too is a lot of personally - private strangers want to know about us - without giving at the same time anything in exchange!?

It is possible to note that today ANY organization which is LOOKING FOR for itself workers

or IMITATING such search for pretexts of studying of the applicant, can ALMOST bezpripyatstvenno receive data of private character, WITHOUT GIVING at the same time to THIS CANDIDATE ANYTHING IN EXCHANGE.

I believe that if interest in the concrete candidate, is

VALID - he is invited to interview by the employer proceeding from really necessary list: F. I. O.; Length of service in the specialty; Documents 65 Labour codes of the Russian Federation provided by St;

If is only about imitation of requirement, then the applicant will not be helped even by the multipage biographical volume. Operations of such simulator in fact roughly break the BASIC LAW guaranteeing secret of private information on private life of the Citizen.

How to be? especially naive - to continue

For persons it is unknown whom to write about himself all truth and anything, except the truth, filling up with the private information databases of customers. Only then please be not surprised that in the most unexpected places of the Internet you will read privat about yourself. Or you will be exasperated with any offers of advertizing character using your information.

Ya I do not stop about possible interest in you of criminal structures any more.

For the thinking applicants - write shortly and only the main about yourself. And not always write ALL TRUTH. Hold back the most important better. Or tell lies. You remember - the most expensive at us after health, it is information on ourselves. And it unfortunately is successfully on sale and bought. And without our permission.

P. S. from Art. 65 of the Labour Code of the Russian Federation:

At an execution of an employment agreement shows the person going to work to the employer:

passport or other identity document;

the service record, except for cases when the employment contract is signed for the first time or the worker goes to work on the terms of combining jobs;

insurance evidence of the state pension insurance;

documents of the military account - for the persons liable for call-up and persons who are subject to military draft;

the document on education, on qualification or existence of special knowledge - at revenues to the work demanding special knowledge or special preparation.

Is forbidden to be demanded from the face, going to work, documents besides provided by the present Code, other federal laws, decrees of the President of the Russian Federation and resolutions of the government of the Russian Federation.