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How to prepare fat dumplings?

I Invite to break the fast - the table is laid by a cloth - a vyshivanka, in a glechik the smetanka grows white, on a plateau cucumbers and tomatoes in a fragrant brine, but the main course of my table " lie; VARENIKI Z " FAT; … Stop, feet, feet - as the main toast of today`s company and a secret of preparation “ varenik_v z " fat; - let`s talk about fat!

Fat is a magic word, is familiar to both adults, and children not only in Ukraine. Since the childhood we ate this product with our parents and relatives, enjoying its unique taste. It is possible to call taste of fat taste “ Ukra§ni`s nenk “. Fat reveals all “ I smother Shchira ukra§ntsya “.

If to glance in history, we can find a fat dish at the Zaporizhia Cossacks. On the outposts they cooked kulesh. The smell of this dish extended with free wind of Ukraine to a long distance, bringing together all at a fire. In what a secret of such fragrant smell? Of course, in fat. It was cut on small pieces, pounded in a wooden mortar with onions. The received mix was added in welded kulesh … Probably each of us would like to appear on the place of Cossacks.

Lard is the favourite and the most used product as in the form of independent food, mainly salty and fried (so-called cracklings), and in the form of various seasoning and a fatty basis of the most various dishes. Not less widespread dishes - stewed meat with potatoes, the Ukrainian bitka, shpigovanny garlic and fat, boiled pork, stewed with cabbage and fat, kruchenik and many other things.

Though now many oppose lard, defending a healthy lifestyle, all know also another - in small amounts it, on the contrary, is useful. Thanks to it the liver is cleaned, atherosclerosis is prevented and oncological diseases immunity increases. When there comes flu - what is advised by doctors? To include in the diet small cut fat with a chesnochok over black bread, for organism resistance to various infectious viruses. Remember peasants on fields which after works, for lunch ate potato, eggs and bread with fat. According to modern medicine, fat gives a big charge of energy and is a push to good working capacity.

From history we understood that fat not only is added to hot dishes, it is eaten salty, boiled, smoked and fried, on it not only prepared, to them not only force everyone not pork where fat is absent, but also used in confectionery dishes. So, for example, the Odessa confectionery lets out a delicacy under the name “ fat in " chocolate;. Our people invented the Ukrainian “ snickers “ which not only is original on taste, but also amuses gourmets.

And now if you agree with everything, eat fat dumplings!

Is tasty? I also did not expect another! Time to open a secret came. To me he was given by the grandmother. She learned to prepare still by the girl, and in 17 years all in the village invited her to show the skill on holidays. And now we go to you! Experience of the grandmother, good mood and a smell of vareniki will help to collect to a table of loyal friends, and to owners to show hospitality - important line of the Ukrainian person!

For a start we will make dough. Let`s take 2,5 Art. of flour, 1 egg, 3/4 Art. of water, salt, vegetable oil, we will knead dough. A table we will sprinkle slightly with flour and we will roll. A glass we will squeeze out circles … On it we will leave dough so far and we will start a stuffing. For this purpose we will take a piece of fresh fat, we will cut on small cubes and we will fry on a frying pan. As soon as the frying pan was filled with fat and there were cracklings, add flour and, stirring slowly, we fry to light-golden color, do not forget to salt. At you it has to turn out dense as mashed potatoes weight.

And now we will be engaged in creative process. We take a stuffing, we put on the middle of a circle and accurately we stick together edges. The form of a varenik reminds a half moon, displaying these a symbol of the Ukrainian nights. What size I will be your vareniki, to solve to you, I will tell only that in the homeland of vareniki in Poltava they are done almost about a palm, supermagnificent.

So, stuck together and for final cooking we needed to boil only them in the added some salt water. So far water begins to boil - a joke for appetite:

“ Two Ukrainians talk:

- You heard that from fat the sclerosis appears?!

- - I think that when since morning of a salets I eat, I do not remember the whole day what getting hungry... “

welded Vareniki and in completion of process it is good to roast with the cut onions and a tax to a table, having put from above a smetanka!

Vareniki are ready - wait for guests!