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What do you think of its money? Part 2

of One of the male lines irritating women, and causing in them a storm of the emotions based on misunderstanding and sharp rejection is a habit of postponement of expenditure for later .

At you the crane in the apartment leaks, and your man says the following phrase:

- Should call the master.

Says, usually, thoughtfully, having represented on a face sincere concern and full immersion in your problem Yes, yes. - in yours!

As it does not consider it as the problem even if very much loves you.

You can live in one apartment, but the man perceives the proceeding crane as something absolutely insignificant and not deserving to spend for it certain, let also minimum, part of the means. It, certainly, will allocate

these unfortunate twenty hryvnias But - then. Later.

Does not flood the Apartment, it is turned off without effort, closed too. So in what a problem? Drips? The master will repair! But - later

Examples of similar man`s postponement till the best times are familiar to all women without exception. A difference only that one man postpones purchase of the apartment, and another - new boots for the half

Yury Sh. lives with Yulia S. two years. Young people love each other immensely. Yury always emphasizes the exclusively gentle and caring attitude to the girl.

He does not allow it to stand at a plate, washes the floors and itself buys products. Buys, usually, from calculation for one dinner . The matter is that in Yulia`s apartment, in kitchen groans and shivers with an old age, having leaned against a wall, the " refrigerator; Donbass presented to the girl`s parents on a wedding.

After a silver wedding of parents Yulya hinted Yura that Donbass - it is not actual any more. That the term of operation of the similar unit - is not infinite.

That she sleeps from a tarakhteniye of the iron monster badly at night. Yura agreed, and offered darling earplugs! Insert supposedly into ears, before going to bed, and sleep peacefully.

It, having rolled up sleeves, spent a solid hour of the time, enclosing felt circles under rusty legs long-liver . And very much was surprised, not uslykhav praises in the address. Yulya dreams of the fruit which are instantly frozen for the winter.

Yura does not see sense in similar, reasonably (in his opinion) suggesting the girl to buy berries, so necessary in the period of cold weather, in a supermarket. Yulya was tired to push falling out from dark (the bulb fused long ago) refrigerator bellies products back. Yura resolved by

an issue simply - he buys food on time . It at all not against purchase of the new refrigerator, no! But for it there are always things much more important. Things for which it is not a pity to leave a lump sum at once.

Not then and at once. For example - remarkable, darling, and absolutely useless moped got a month ago. Like, read somewhere that in the West some businessmen get rid of hours-long standing in road traffic jams by driving mopeds the Moped costs

in a corridor, preventing pass and creating traffic jams in the apartment, and the refrigerator still shivers, hitting against a wall, in kitchen. Yulya very much hopes that sometime its mad jolting will turn into a death agony, and Yura at all desire will not be able to reanimate this piece of iron.

If only it did not occur in the winter that darling could not adapt a balcony for storage of products, having delayed thereby purchase of the new refrigerator


There is a certain type of men - collectors of money . Money interests them, per se. It is pleasant to them when in a purse densely they feel the importance and feel confident because that are able to afford this or that purchase.

However when business reaches actually purchase, such men are lost suddenly, become surprisingly judicious, with boring care weigh everything for and against

Naturally, purchase " means; to you or for you . How? You do not consider that the refrigerator - it is exclusive your whim ? You did not understand yet that your man will excellently do also without it, seeming to you necessary, acquisitions?

And will manage

Such collectors of bank notes willingly spend these signs only for the person. And at the time of purchase of absolutely senseless moped do not suffer the questions " at all; it is necessary it is not necessary .

On you collector of bank notes it is not spent, or spent with a scratch at all not from greed. Just in its understanding parting with several notes from " collections; - intolerable loss.

Much easier for it - to postpone purchase for later . They save for something, usually, eternally, collect. But you do not look at the partner in life, as at Gobsek. This moneymaking has itself enough - the accurate purpose. To detain at itself longer beloved pieces of paper with watermarks. Having bought

for itself some extremely necessary bagatelle in the form of the pocket TV or the gun for a peynbol, this type of men exposes before itself a justification, and is covered with it as a board - I dreamed of it, and collected long ago!

And what with the refrigerator we will do? Let`s buy! Later

How to be? If you appeared

in one team with it collector - do not despair.

It is much easier and more pleasant to understand that darling not greedy person and its unclear acts are caused by quite explainable things.

That eternal delays in purchase of this or that about what you ask, are not the certificate that your elect is a miser. The only council for an occasion of household appliances and the proceeding cranes - to break completely what is.

Before inevitability, most likely, your man will give up. Why - most likely ? The case when the family lived without refrigerator 1,5 years is known to me! And, the husband earned quite decent money. But so far neighbors did not begin to turn up the nose and did not cease to open doors for joyfully smiling head of the family being at them on the threshold with chicken under the arm, ice did not start

Good luck!

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