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What do you think of its money? Part 1

Man and his expenditure for you. Why the one who promised you a star from the sky will not buy to you perfume for hundred dollars? Why you see flowers only on Birthday and on March 8? He does not love you any more? Or a problem (and it is a problem!) much more deeply?

How to you, girlfriend, my new toy? Sergey S. watches

at showcase glass of shop of mobile communication. His eyes burn, he frankly admires new model of phone.

his common-law wife Natasha does not share barefaced enthusiasm of darling at all. She is sure, and it is not unreasonable that this model in few months will cost two hundred dollars cheaper.

The man is fascinated the new word in the " equipment;:

- you Know what there a chamber? - he asks, without tearing off a loving look from hundred-gram digital miracle .

- We were going to glaze a balcony, - the woman quietly reminds.

Also it seems to it probably that it lowered the darling on the earth. And she even becomes feels sorry for him slightly - slightly Till next evening.

So far it, shining with happiness, does not show it the new acquisition. That madly fashionable and without restraint expensive mobile phone at the price of a metalplastic balcony

Natalya is literally crushed by Sergey`s act. They are together four year, and, recently, it even more often catches itself on terrible thought - he does not love me .

And its conclusion is, at first sight, quite natural. Sergey forgets to give flowers, does not invite at cinema and restaurants. But on himself favourite he does not grudge money at all. Sergey buys the third phone in a year. Natasha began to be afraid of the TV advertizing offering all new and new miracles of equipment.

Sergey in an emphasis does not wish to understand that phone is a means of communication. And from not glazed balcony there is a cold in the winter. In his opinion, the balcony door can be warmed by means of foam rubber, and here new phone to it is simply necessary for


The matter is that many men did not play enough in the childhood. New toys are necessary for them.

But if in the childhood little Seryozha managed an engine for two rubles, then Seryozha is the adult, in soul and remained the child, buys toys for hundreds of dollars.

There are cases heavier .

Andrey F. bought new Mercedes S - a class. It changes cars every year. For this purpose saves up money, refusing to the daughter treatment at dear stomatologist and sharply tearing off the wife`s reasonings that it would be quite good to get rid of old furniture. to It it is immensely heavy to

to refuse to itself acquisition of a new toy cost in several tens of thousands for the sake of some there furniture .

He sees himself at night driving the new car, without reflecting that, having played enough much, will replace it a year later after acquisition

How to be?

If to destiny needed to bring together you with the adult child, do not accept " at all; its games .

Present that before you actually - the child.

With two higher educations, in expensive suit, serious, widely-read, but the child! Which eye light up at the sight of the next toy. Only he sees a toy not in Toy Store and in car showroom or in shop of mobile communication.

Do not try to explain insolvency of your desire " at all; big boy from a position of common sense.

At little boy language is suspended not worse than yours, and it, in turn, can prove to you that the new mobile phone is necessary for it for prestige reasons ( I was raised, and I with it stone I go! ) that in the new car the salenblok is located much more conveniently, and the consumption of gasoline is 0,0002 liters lower, than in by what it goes now!

Generally, do not enter disputes - it is useless. How in such cases reasonable parents treat small children? If do not want that the child grew up whimsical, and demanded everything new and new toys?

Here and arrive. According to Benjamin Spock. Firmly, resolutely. Essential difference of yours boy from the child the fact that he can buy the attracted toy is.

And it the fact that your phone is three years old that you have no fur coat for the winter that you save money for rest that your children made friends with caries, and instead of a hall at you five nails hammered into a wall not really concerns. It does not concern him. It it is sick new toy.

Act resolutely, but, at the same time, cleverly and prudently. If boy does not understand in an amicable way - stand in the corner .

Punish having bought on the money saved by you on joint rest, some pleasant knickknack. Answer a question of darling, having puzzly raised eyebrows:

- You save for the car And I cannot anything save for?

Such expenditure of you will work on it much better, than twenty thousand talk and arrangements of you. Be not afraid to strike back it will set him thinking and more reasonably to treat also the expenditure, and expenditure for you...

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