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What it is man`s love? Part second

so different Lyubov.

to me had to be heard more than once how ladies divide love into types, subspecies, levels further according to the list. Quite perhaps, in female understanding of relationship similar classification exists. Men have all a little differently.

Platonic. The love Platonic takes place to be only in relation to object absolutely inaccessible. To the wife of the CEO, the daughter of the best friend, the prime minister - to the minister of Germany. As soon as the relations with similar ladies pass in any way in more close than, say, just kivany the head at a meeting, the man will not fail to recolour love Platonic in absolutely other color. In color of passion. Impetuous and mad...

Passionate. The passion at men flashes like the hay poured by gasoline. And the passion burns with that more brightly, than longer the man could not be risen to its object.

However, as we know, only what quickly dies away very brightly burns. Therefore the passions described in series - mordast which last for years with hand-wringing and firing from - for a corner, are only imaginations of their creators. Very soon - later few months, month or even week, the man cools down, having caught what so strongly aspired to.

The desire to possess - is a hundred times stronger, than possession. Therefore passionate love alas, it is short-lived. But to pleasure passionate women and to chagrin of respectable wives, the man such transient love remembers all the life.

Romantic. What of women did not dream of romantic courting and evenings when blinking candles? About the carriage given to a porch, about bouquets of roses in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening, about night walks on the paths of park which are filled in with a moonlight, ardent declarations of love on the channel? Everything, has to be, dreamed. And many had pleasure to feel.

How bouquets and carriages long proceeded? Not really, and at all not that the man stopped loving you or began to love business slightly less. Just it won you. Won your heart. Passed Rubicon.

And - enjoys fruits. And you want, I will open for you one secret for which disclosure men on the head would not stroke me? Never give to it a reason to think that you from it will not get to anywhere! It does not mean at all that you should flirt to the right and on the left and to exhaust it vast hints on the fact that supposedly you free woman . By no means.

Just do not let blessed know that you within his power for 100 percent. Let for 99 percent, but not on 100...

Symptoms of man`s love.

the Man will always understand that it is in love. And to distinguish symptoms, he should not be a psychoanalyst at all.

Thoughts of one. More precisely - about one. His all thoughts are concentrated on an adoration subject. He thinks that she would tell in this or that occasion. He watches the melodrama at movie theater and represents the darling on the place of the main character.

He tries on on it a role of the hostess of the house, and at times mentally talks to that who on light of all it is lovelier . And if only the woman knew that for dialogues it loses in the head!

In confidence to the whole world. One acquaintance literally exhausted me stories about the Mashenka. He could tell about it for hours, days. The most patient listener would howl an hour later from similar outpourings. But the most interesting not in it.

All salt was that the acquaintance fell in love with the stewardess living in other city. In two months of daily stories about it he saw it only two days! Two days - and two months of the stories capable to dement even the deaf!

The first sign that the man fell in love, - his desire to tell about the feeling to friends. As it is sad about it to learn to the girl, but about all the rest that at favorable combination of circumstances happens in the relations of lovers, he will tell too. But a bit later...

Jealousy. He is jealous. You - it, and he does not wish that about you there was someone who can take away you. It is not a typographical error. - to take away. You ask - as it? You know about it, maybe, so far only a name little. And to it all the same!

He for himself already solved everything, he is in love completely and is jealous you with might and main. The man`s soul, isn`t that so is mysterious?!


In completion I offer lovely ladies couple of typical phrases by which men characterize a condition of love, and symptoms by which unmistakably determine that they - are in love:

I do not understand what speak at morning meeting " about;

I call mother by her name

I Become sentimental to tears

I begin to write quite good verses

I Am afraid to look it in the face

Long I wander in the rain, thinking of it (by the way, long ago it is noticed that the rain and pools adjust on a lyrical harmony)

I meet it, having ignored a match Dynamo - Real

I Call her on hundred times per day

I without it cannot...

According to the Dutch scientists, concentration of the substances responsible for the feeling called by us love, such as testosterone, oxytocin and others reaches the maximum during from 18 to 30 months from the moment of emergence of the feeling.

And later... decreases. The love, from the chemical point of view, becomes just a habit.

I am sure that the Dutch scientists are mistaken. Perhaps, they somehow also understand herring, but love - full laymen. Also let`s try to disprove this wrong conclusion in each afternoon. All in our hands and hearts