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What it is man`s love? Part one of

The Man fell in love ... As it is pleasant, has to be, these two words for a female ear sound. As it is lovely how it is fine. You represent? The man can fall in love too. At least because it - too the person. So, it occurred. The man fell in love...

I remember a wonderful moment...

his Look stopped on the woman and accurately allocated object from hundreds of others. In the head - pass - explosion, in blood - testosterone emission. For a fraction of a second in a brain of the man such pictures - " rush approximately; it and I at " restaurant; it and I in a bed I and it at an altar our children our happy old age .

Not the fact that the man in general is going to connect ever himself by Gimeney`s bonds - the brain simply subconsciously scans possible options of continuation of the relations. There are, of course, individuals at whom owing to a certain education or total absence of this turn of pictures it is stopped on only - it and I in a bed .

But do not think that all substitute the concept love concept desire to possess . The love of the man (let cynical persons do not grin) is something bigger, than just an inclination... So, object it is defined.

There comes the delightful condition of inexplicable euphoria. Object smoothly is located in the center of vital needs and interests. The tenderness wave did not roll with a full force yet, the feeling is not created finally yet. Thoughts of the man continue to work in the necessary direction, he is capable to resolve various issues and to think of work, but process already went, and it cannot be stopped.

Is armed and very dangerous

the corroding force of magic acid under the name " At the beginning; love it is not so noticeable. And the man in whose soul the strongest of feelings blossoms can have a look not " at all; romantic .

Such in appearance strong, purposeful and at all the man deprived of any lyrical raid behaves as the little boy. He wants to see an adoration subject as often as possible.

He seeks to be as it is possible closer to that on whom it fuse . To meet the eyes, be crossed in the company (in a corridor, on the street - necessary to emphasize).

His jokes are extremely successful, puns of a tag also are juicy. When love already captured him, and love on the way, he tries to present himself in the most favorable light. As the peacock attracting a female with bright plumage the man very much tries to make impression on the darling.

It is witty as Maxim Galkin, is clever as Tsiolkovsky, is wise as Spinoza. All potential of the lived years is involved, from distant corners of memory all sayings and the interesting facts read ever are taken out.

The man madly wants to be pleasant. It is necessary to notice that receptions which are used by the stronger sex during the period initial presentation of are rather various...

Reception 1. Hohotong. This male individual strikes on the spot the pleasant woman the inexhaustible cheerfulness. Jokes pour, in abundance, jokes do not have the end.

Much the woman who is laughing loudly over the next successful joke would be surprised if learned that in everyday life, so to speak in life, this gentleman can be not the merry fellow at all. As it is known from world history, those whose flashing humour millions admired time, appeared in life very and very ordinary persons, and is frequent - despots and tyrants.

What turns out at it merry fellow now, it was given hardly - round-the-clock zubrezh jokes and lag on the websites of jokes. However its organism be not so urged on by hormones, not be now his receptors, at all not the fact are strained that at it everything would turn out so easily and naturally.

And at it it turned out! You consider that with such person it will never be boring for you? If so, then the objectives of the man are achieved. He writes down a point into the account.

Reception 2. Romantic. He surprises with the thin nature and aspiration to fine. In conversation with you can distract and say suddenly, looking for a window of office: As all - the winter is fine! And to say with such love to this most slushy winter that you involuntarily too will look for a window and admire small drizzling rain.

The phrase of the man will be heard quite organically, as if told itself. But it is the phrase - for you. In the same way the man will tell someone from friends (so that you heard) that he is going to visit theater.

Long ago supposedly there was not. Yes it, quite perhaps, never there was. But you - that should be surprised and attracted...

Reception 3. Cynic. Very much can even be that - on the contrary. Not the cynic, but diffident and constraining person. But, hesitating of the uncertainty, will try to add very much to himself a point the affected cynicism and cold pragmatism ...

Actually men in the majority remarkable psychologists in definition like woman. They accurately distinguish to whom and that can be to liking also offer the woman what she wants. Prove to be under that corner under which, in their opinion, the woman will see them in the most favorable light.

I am not a coward, but I am afraid

Attention! The feeling inflamed. Massive approach to the darling is expected any day and... The man undertakes nothing! The woman noticed his views for a long time, she is ready to the invitation at cinema, restaurant, on the Moon - anywhere, and it - waits.

You ask - what it pulls?! It... is afraid. Yes, be not surprised! He simply is afraid. And the man before you is more serious, the it is more than chances that this waiting will last long enough.

The matter is that each of us - whether it be Klitschko - younger or Presnyakov - average - is afraid of the strongest blow to the ego, a blow below the belt - female refusal.

Any man at least once in life was told is not present . Similar made someone wiser, someone changed the attitude towards women (it is, certainly, an extreme case), someone reconsidered the principles of courting.

But one and all drew a certain conclusion: the woman can refuse. And one business if refusal the first-year student (though too pleasant a little), and absolutely hears another when a cold shower pour serious person . What will be caused by such situation?

Correctly - feeling of falling of the prestige and risk it to be a laughing-stock for acquaintances. Therefore that the man to whom you madly are pleasant and who was already pleasant to you does not take steps towards it is necessary to blame some student, years - to nadtsat ago to him refused.

What to advise? If pause from its party too dragged on, make a step! You will see how it will break through ...

Be continued.