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What to present to the motorist, or Particles of dream

the List of gifts which can be presented to the motorist is not limited to banal rugs or fragrances of salon at all. Practically all large car makers offer a set of accessories and souvenirs with a logo of the brand which can become an excellent gift for admirers of this or that brand of cars.

For example, for the owner of Toyota the company umbrella or hours can become a good gift. Also Japanese company offers handles, cups, caps and t-shirts, and fans of an auto racing Formula One can present a sports jacket with symbolics of the factory Toyota Formula team - 1 Team. Practical owners of Toyota can present a grid for transportation of baggage or a vest with reflecting elements, and for a young family, the special children`s seat will be an excellent gift.

For owners of Mitsubishi it is also simple to find a worthy gift: sunglasses or lighter of Zippo with Mitsubishi emblem, an elegant watch with autosubplant or a leather belt, the folder or a purse … the Extensive list of accessories offers

also Mercedes - Benz, only one hours over ten models, and really interesting copies capable to decorate a collection even of the experienced judge occur among them. Very stylishly also a bracket clock from Mercedes - Benz looks. Besides, in an arsenal of firm numerous articles of clothing: jackets, shirts, scarfs, sweaters. And the charm, a penknife or a pen with an emblem of firm will become an excellent gift for those who so far only dream of the car with a three-beam star on a radiator.

Owners of the Subaru station wagons can present a special grid which separates cargo space of the car from passenger area, and to admirers of Saab - a thermos or a scraper for ice.

Well and, certainly, any motorist will not refuse from automobile pass - the refrigerator, the vacuum cleaner, a hanger for clothes, fastening for skis or the bicycle.

By the way, for many the car is a part of active lifestyle therefore some car makers let out various sports goods. And, as show market researches, admirers of these or those brands, as a rule, prefer a certain sport. For example, owners of Cadillac and Porsche love golf and tennis. And those who choose all-wheel drive cars or SUVs quite often buy them in order that it was more convenient to reach places where with all the heart it is possible to drive by mountain bicycle. Respectively, the owners of cars of the increased passability leading active lifestyle can present the mountain or high-speed highway bicycle from Audi, Land Rover, BMW, Mercedes - Benz or Porsche. It is worth noticing that models from these firms are extremely reliable and technically difficult therefore even the skilled cyclists who got used to the first-class equipment will be delighted to such gift.

And even a traditional gift - expensive perfume can be on automobile subject. For example, Jaguar, the legendary British producer of aristocratical cars, offers the refined cologne Jaguar For Men intended for the elegant, distinguished man combining noble simplicity and stylishness. And also Performance addressed to modern, sports, successful people.

Ferrari, in turn, let out the whole collection of perfume for admirers of brand: Ferrari Passion, Ferrari Red, Ferrari Black.

Z Zegna ’Design by Ducati’ from the fashionable house of Ermenegildo Zegna will be suitable for the fan of motorcycle sport, the design of a bottle was developed by specialists of the well-known Italian company Ducati making sports motorcycles.

Good choice!