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How to be engaged in fitness of the house? Independent trainings of

U of everyone the concept of beauty, but all the same tightened female figure and well-groomed skin and hair - it is always fashionable, actual and pleasant to an eye. To look good, at least three things are necessary. It is money, time, and, of course, desire. And if one of three such components is absent then take the initiative. Perhaps, and money will be whole, time will not be wasted by gift, and the desire will not be gone.

So, you decided to be engaged in improvement or correction of the figure, - as they say, to you and a dumbbell in hands. If there is no opportunity to go to fitness - club, organize it at home. Especially it is effective for young mummies when it seems and time is, and it is impossible to leave the house.

We create space

In - the first, it is necessary to decide on the territory where there will take place your sports activities. The best place for training is the hall, usually this most spacious room in the apartment. Clean foreign objects that it was convenient to you to lie on a floor, both lengthways, and across. Look round on the parties that nearby there were no floor vases or other objects of a room decor.

We choose sports accessories

It is possible to go, of course, in shop of sports goods and there to buy everything that is necessary. But take me the word, this superfluous. All sports goods and devices at you near at hand.


of the Dumbbell two empty twisting small bottles from - under drinking yogurt, fill them with sand, either sea pebbles, or water. Well everything that can create additional loading.

the Rug

It can be a usual cover, fold it double down. The main thing what your rug for fitness classes would not be too soft or on the contrary, too rigid, choose golden mean. And as a result of a muscle you will be told thanks.

the Chair

Is the most real exercise machine. Thanks to a chair it is possible to carry out a huge number of exercises where all groups of muscles will be involved. The main thing that the chair was steady, without any damages and malfunctions. It is the best of all to use a classical wooden chair.

Water and a towel

Water will help you to restore breath, and the towel with ease will remove traces of diligence and loadings.

Audio - videos maintenance are effective

of Fitness class if they pass in music and on an example fitness - the instructor. Existence of the TV and DVD of a player is obligatory. Then it is necessary to buy several DVD - disks and to make of everything chosen as you competent fitness - a mix. For this purpose it is necessary to estimate soberly problems of the figure and to analyse ways of their decision. And then by means of the computer to create a set of exercises which will help you with your undertakings, efforts and continuations.

No matter, what time your muscles were at rest, the main thing that any effort and a regular muscle work will cause in you pain. It will proceed on average from 3 - x to 7 - mi days.

The first week trainings is a preparation of muscles for the main loadings, naturally, that it is necessary to pick up exercises which will develop all groups of muscles. On average continuation of occupations of this period of 20 minutes. Remember that sports activities need to be begun on the expiration of two hours after meal. And before reception of the following food there have to pass two more hours after your occupations.

The second week trainings are thorough occupations, duration whom 30 - 40 minutes can average. Just all those sports devices about which we spoke earlier can be involved in this period. It is better to begin the occupations with small warm-up, then you pass to the main loadings. Here an important role is played by approaches. Fitness - instructors advise to divide approaches exercises, for example, to swing a press better in 3 approaches on 20 rises. This technique allows to pump over all muscles of an abdominal cavity more effectively.

One more moment is the correct breath. It is necessary to breathe evenly, exhaled on rise. By the way, efficiency of decrease in fatty weight and work of muscles in many respects depends on technology of breath.

The third week fitness - occupations is a peculiar fixing of the acquired material. Here it is possible to increase loadings. That is, if you did three approaches on each exercise, then can increase to five. But there is one nuance: muscles of our body are pumped over even at identical loadings differently. Once you analyse a condition of the figure at the moment of time again and to increase loads of those zones of your body where it is necessary.

Further your sports activities will have regular character, with small temporary fluctuations. Here a role is played by a certain negative - a factor. In - the first, you should not carry out trainings if you feel a physical indisposition. In - the second, elementary absence of mood can serve to you bad service. Fitness class have to be associated only with receiving physical pleasure and moral satisfaction. I wish you good luck!