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What phone to present to the man, or Features of mobile hunting of

We with all responsibility declare that men show the mobile phones with the same purpose, as peacocks the feathers during marriage merrymakings. The mobile phone for the man - undoubtedly symbol of man`s advantage. You represent how your status will increase if this symbol is presented to it by you. A gift, of course, expensive, but, believe, it it being worth.

Here it is only not necessary to choose phone for the man by the principle It will not be pleasant - will give me . Phone - that it, of course, will give you, but together with it - irritation, rage and disappointment. In you, by the way. So we will safely delete from the head everything pretty miniatyurnenky light and krasnenky » phones;. Also we will treat the choice seriously. For a start we will allocate criteria by which we will estimate degree courage this or that phone. By and large, such criteria it is possible to allocate only two:

1. Design and design.

2. Menu and functions.

So …

went begging a joke Until recently that the &ndash cell phone; this only thing, than men brag who has less . It was explained by the fact that the small sizes of the device met until recently seldom because were hi-tech and consequently - roads. This explanation of men …

Lyrical digression.

Conversation with the friend:

- Katya, help me to choose the mobile phone.

- And what interests you?

- Interests Me such that got into a forward pocket of jeans. And that a vibrocall with a big amplitude with an average frequency of fluctuations, and I it in the car, for example, do not hear that …

No comments.

Today, of course, dimensions are not for the man an obstacle in the choice of phone. Especially as dimensions of the man (we will take average) assume existence of large keys: well, really, not a pencil to press the buttons! From here condition - the convenient keyboard from the normal size buttons.

Colour - business is simple. As a rule, most of producers offer several coloring of the same model. We are interested in classics - black, all shades gray, and also steel. It if not to risk. Well, if you very well know the man, can try blue or is dark - claret. And still: the multi-colored pulsing illuminations to the serious person to anything. Well and that that the blinking sparks you are pleased? Upon purchase take an interest at least whether this function is turned off.

should give preference in the choice of a form to a rectangular frame. Keep various streamline ovals and tear-shaped rotundities. Forms - a factor folding bed - too. If to look narrowly, then the man opening a folding bed looks very coquettishly.

Would be quite good if the model was with the shock-proof and moisture protective case. Irrespective of a kind of activity, the man though sapiens, however inaccurate homo.

The question of an organizer is solved ambiguously. It is checked that the good organizer in phone is capable to replace the habitual daily log. But, if, in principle, your man is inclined to hold everything in the head, rubbing himself callosities for memories, then multifunctionality of an organizer at the choice of phone for the man is not necessary to regard as of paramount importance. By the way, if you decide to make to darling a hint that it again forgot about mother`s anniversary you will spend forces in vain - with an organizer he will forget not just anniversary, he will forget to make a mark about anniversary, to forget to look at the made marks about various anniversaries, to forget where he made these marks about anniversaries. Do not demand from the man impossible, will be much more functional, and, above all - more without serious consequences for both of you, if about mother`s anniversary you remind him. In yours - that phone the organizer is (and however, about it in the following article). And if this notorious organizer all - is necessary to you, then it would be desirable to comprise to it a calendar, the schedule for a month, a week glider and the detailed schedule for every day with breakdown on hours.

As for of an alarm clock : many, and not only men, already so got used to an alarm clock in phone that they flatly refuse to remember existence of the stationary device of the same name. The benefit, in the modern market of cellular communication does not exist phones without alarm clock. However everything is not so simple: it is desirable that the alarm clock had a set of options of a signal: disposable, with repetition ( cuckoo ), on certain days of week (during week-end - not to awake!) etc.

will Pleasantly please your man existence in small lamp phone - can be useful any minute. And here various pseudo-exercise bikes and schedules of trainings - overindulgence. The man is lazy by the nature. But he is clever. Therefore it is simpler to remember and count to it, than to get and write down.

of the Possibility of communication with the outside world - a factor quite critical at the choice of the cell phone for the man. Here it is rational to think of the main thing. In - the first, if your man with the « computer; on we it quite will have date - a cable. If affairs are not so good, it will be quite good if in the mobile phone there is IK - port. Then complete with phone it is necessary to present IK - the adapter for synchronization with the personal computer. Cellular with the Bluetooth - pleasure not from cheap. There is a lot of opportunities at this technology, however they do not find full realization in Russia yet. Sinezuby phone should be bought only if your promised uses a wireless font (certainly, too with support of Bluetooth).

Also to men are simply necessary for of GPRS , of WAP and of Java . To stand, for example, in a queue (in bank, at the intersection, at the doctor - necessary to emphasize) without these &ndash technologies; it is just impossible. The same sacramental properties possess of game . The more in the cell phone of games, the more it is man`s. Do not feed the man with dainties - let`s play. Support of the Java technology helps with it. Ideally - before donation to download several fresh games in phone.

« point; chamber let`s dare to leave no comments. Because five - the six-megapixel camera which is built in phone is capable to replace even the polutoramegapikselny digital camera. If the camera nevertheless is present at phone chosen by you, do not worry - the man will always have the imagination for application even of such low-quality pictures.

Well, and finally most important - phone of your man, certainly, has to be image , that is allocating the owner from a number of other mobilovladelets. For performance of such simple task phone of this class has to have a two-three of fashionable functions and outstanding design. For example - phone with the built-in opener for beer bottles. Your young man buys a bottle of beer and in the face of the amazed friends opens it the mobile phone. In total. The objectives are achieved: the people in amazement keep silence, and the happy fakir - on a horse.

Jokes jokes, but here simply it is indecent to modern man to have phone without of polyphony and of the color display .

&ndash phone is not quoted; its owner is not quoted. But also to give Vertu - too it is indecent. Only already for you. You will show these that your young man is insolvent because to your gift - that at it and such phone was not. Same concerns smartphones. Though there is no unambiguous decision &ndash here; clever phones become already rather a norm, than an exception.

As for of a model range man`s phones, the modern market of mobile phones is very various. The limited printing space does not allow us to list all phones more or less suitable under the category man`s . We can refer to ten the most man`s phones which was published by « news agency only; Sotovik . Not the competent jury, but ordinary users of cellular communication defined this twenty. And as it were interrogated in very large number, this top can be carried to applying for objectivity. Ten - it, of course, is conditional because many places divided two, and even three, phone. So, this handsome:

1. Sony Ericsson T610/T630 (industrial design with retro elements)

2. Nokia 8910/8910i (multipurpose image models)

3. Siemens M65 (shock-proof and heat / water-proof case)

4. Nokia 6310i (phone business - a class)

5. Nokia 6610 (cheaper analog of Nokia 7210)

6. Sony Ericsson P900/P910 (smartphones with the touch display)

7. Nokia 6600 (smartphone)

8. Nokia 6220/6230 (business - devices with a set of functions)

9. Siemens SX1 (smartphone)

10. Nokia 6800/6810/6820 (phones from the full-size displayed qwerty - the keyboard) is not casual

among winners so many Nokia phones. Force of this brand is so big that the Finnish devices can by the right be considered as the most man`s brand. Also man`s it is possible to call phones of the Sony Ericsson brand. And here Samsung and, Pantech and and Siemens y most often meet in hands of lovely ladies (as it was already noted above, about it it is necessary to read in the following article).

Here, actually, and all key parameters of purely man`s phone. It is only possible to add that our opinion does not lay claim at all to the ultimate truth because on polyphony and color, as we know, there are no companions.