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What symbolizes egg?

In Christianity Easter eggs symbolize Christ`s blood and his Revival.

Soon after Christ Redeemer`s Rise Maria Magdalena was to Rome on the sermon and, handing to the emperor Tibery as obligatory gift egg - for the lack of nothing more powerful, exclaimed: “ To Christ Voskresa! “

That objected that it is impossible, precisely as white egg cannot become red. Did not manage to tell how " egg; reddened “.

However, you should not forget that egg - a primordial symbol of the world and an origin of life.

And in pagan times in easter celebrations of fertility it made special sense. And on the Red Hill Slavs rolled colored eggs - an image of the world or the sun that souls of ancestors regained consciousness from hibernation and helped descendants.

Egg since ancient times appeared in myths and legends, since Ancient Egypt and Babylon. In Zoroastrianism god Akhuramazda creating the world by effort of thought fought for egg with with the demon Angro - Maynyyu - the head of powers of darkness. Creation of the world is presented in legends on the Russian gods through the phenomenon to Gods of Gold Egg, imprisoning Rod - the Parent of all real.

From egg several characters of the Greek mythology appeared. Kastor and Polidevk - from given rise by the queen of Sparta Leda from Zeus in shape of a swan.

By the way, we will compare with Stantsey VI “ Secret doctrine “ E. Blavatskaya about an origin of the third race: “ Then the second developed given rise from egg, a third. Sweat amplified, its drops increased, and … became firm and round. The sun warmed it; The Moon cooled and issued it; wind fed it till a maturity it. The white swan from skies star dawned on a drop big. Egg of race future … “

Hera, is told, in a rush of revenge to Zeus for the birth of Athena addressed the made Cronus, received two eggs impregnated by it and covered in the earth - so there was terrible Typhon.

The curious analogy to this story was noticed still by A. N. Afanasyev: “ The Basilisk, on a national belief, the tsar - a dragon, all killing with the look and breath, is born from the egg laid by a black seven-year-old rooster and buried in hot " manure;. And in the Russian fairy tales in egg hid a needle of life of Koshchey Bessmertny.

A. N. Afanasyev`s opinion that " is not less interesting; the constellation of Galaxies … known at the people European under the name of brood hens with chickens … at our peasants is called the Bird`s or Duck nest … saw gold eggs which are laid by wonderful chicken or a duck in bright stars of Galaxies. About the frying pan put on hot ugolya, the national riddle is expressed: “ the tsar - a bird (or a chicken) on gold testicles " sits;.

How here not to remember the fairy tale about Ryabu`s Chicken! Not one adult, telling it to children, was perplexed concerning the incident with the gold small egg demolished by it: “ The Grandfather beat - beat, did not break; the woman beat - beat, did not break. And the mouse ran, waved a tail, the small egg fell and broke. The grandfather cries, the woman … " cries;

However, this drama it is possible to read differently. If egg represents the world, then gold egg - the gold world, paradise. The grandfather and the woman - ancestors, too widespread association. Ancestors in paradise … It reminds nothing to you? For example, Adam and Eve who did not manage to use the free will granted by God? And met the Dragon, you remember? A dragon - the representative of the lower world. A mouse at Slavs - too.

Expelled from paradise, Adam and Eve cried … as ours the grandfather with the woman. And the Chicken consoled them: “ Do not cry, the grandfather! Do not cry, the woman. I to you will demolish a small egg another - not gold, but simple “.

By the way, the main idea of Christianity about behavior which will provide rescue of soul and its hit to paradise is transferred in this saying. And the Chicken it is not casual at all - Ryaba. The Pestrenky layer - a receptacle of the good and evil at the same time.

And now we will remember centuries-old disputes that initially - egg or chicken. The speech went to them not about material objects, and about laws of the universe.

Therefore in conclusion most pertinent to refer to competent opinion of the philosopher. According to professor A. E. Nagovitsyn “ … in filosofsko - religious dispute on “primacy of chicken or egg“ chicken was understood as God, and as egg the world “ . In this case tale of Ryabe Chicken “ in ten seconds transfers the main basic truth of philosophy of the New and Old Testament “.

A you as thought?