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How to become the competent consumer?

the Aphorism in a subject: To the Seller - language, to the buyer - eyes .

the Problem of commodity deficiency, thank God, consigned to the past. Now - there would be money - it is possible to buy almost anything. Here only even more often it is necessary to face other problem - qualities of goods. Continually you hear a story about acquisition of idle equipment, inedible products, etc. How to save itself from marriage and notorious deception?

Rule first. to protect the rights - needs to know them. In any bookstore, in department of legal literature it is possible to acquire the cheap brochure containing the law About consumer protection . Read - and you will be protected. The recommendations helping to be insured from purchase of low-quality goods are very simple and are known to all, but, alas, people often forget about them.

Rule second. do not hesitate to be interested in quality of goods, demand to show the certificate of conformity. Keep the check - this tiny piece of paper will become the main document which will help to settle the arisen problem. Otherwise the seller you it is simple does not learn !

Rule third. the Spoiled canned food, the turned sour milk, empty inside bread - for certain, to you at least once was necessary to face it. According to the legislation, products of inadequate quality at you are obliged to accept back and to return money. Besides:

- always check an expiration date on packing. Unfair sellers often try to give it for a date of issue.

- do not take glass canned food with leaky adjoining or blown up cover - it is so-called bombazh !

- do not buy some canned food in the rumpled banks, the internal covering at them can be damaged, and then harmful substances get into a product.

- be careful of shops where arrangement conditions are not met - on one shelf cakes and herring, fruit and ham are located.

Rule fourth. do not forget about guarantees. It concerns purchase of household appliances, cell phones both other useful, and, besides, expensive things.

- carefully check correctness of registration of the warranty card. It has to contain full name of firm, shop, state of emergency, etc.; press; real article numbers, certificate of conformity.

- do not throw out an original packing before the expiration of a warranty period.

- do not hesitate to check the instruction, it has to contain the text in Russian.

- find on packing or in the instruction a mark about a warranty period of manufacturer. The seller has no right to reduce this term.

If during a warranty period the consumer finds inadequate quality, he has the right for reduction of purchase price of goods, free repair, replacement or cancellation of the transaction (that is - a refund). Most often, the consumer accepts two last options. If, despite everything, the seller refuses, you have to make a claim - or by means of society on consumer protection and to carry it in the place of purchase, it is desirable to take with itself the witness. The legal entity receives the answer to a claim in 10 days, private - in a month. In 80% of cases the consumer comes out the winner already at this stage, without bringing the matter to court.

Rule fifth. We do not save on children. Children`s things and toys should be bought very vigilantly, by all means to ask the certificate. The child`s skin very gentle, besides, even the grown-up children like to take all things in a mouth. It does not mean that from low-quality clothes or toys to the kid it will become bad at once. No, process of accumulation of harmful substances in an organism goes long and slowly, but sooner or later will have an effect!

do not buy a toy to the child if:

- it is painted on top . Such paint easily lags behind when pressing by a finger or a nail.

- has a strong smell, it, so that there is a release of chemicals from it.

- details are badly processed, for example, " plastic; become swollen or has agnails .

And at last:

Especially carefully should get things in the markets. Company clothes or footwear cannot cost 2 - 3 times cheaper, than in other places. Most likely, it is a fake. They, by the way, meet also in large shops. But in the market you will not be given the check unless commodity, certified by administration, however, they are held by the rare seller. So in a case puncture you will be able to call nobody to account. Therefore, try to follow at least elementary rules:

- check buttons, lightnings, seams;

- the more on clothes of labels, stickers, labels, the more probably that a thing - from the good producer; - do not give in to

on arrangements of the " type; it is carried will stretch it will be trampled down . Most likely, nothing similar will occur!

- if it is possible - do not buy a thing from a counter, ask packed, only do not forget to examine it.

- you doubt - do not buy.

Good luck at a counter!