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Why Leonid Bykov shot the movie about pilots?

are on April 12 not only Day of astronautics. So the destiny disposed that this day, in 1979 far already, the most talented actor and the director Leonid Bykov died. He played many beautiful roles, but Soviet, and now and the Russian audience remembered him in a bright image of the captain Titarenko, captain the singing squadron known as the Maestro. And the fact that Bykov did not become this day - deeply symbolically.

It was born on December 12, 1928 in a usual country family in the village of Znamenskoye of Donetsk region. The boy above all liked to vanish in rural club where on days off over and over again twisted movies. Especially Lena liked movies about pilots. Movie Valery Chkalov it zasmotret to holes having actually learned by heart words from a role of the brave pilot. And still it were pleasant to it Fighters .

The childhood broke too early - war. Bykov` family was evacuated to Barnaul. And in fourteen with small years Lenya came running in a military registration and enlistment office: I Want to go the volunteer on the front. To me already 18! .

To expose low (136 cm of growth), the puny boy it is possible for the military commissar. And as Lenya was torn to the front, war ended without it. And right after May victorious salute the fellow went to the city on Neva. It had a dream one - to become the pilot.

First the destiny, it seems, to it had a kind feeling. It came to a special school for pilots. But once on a parade-ground its inconsistent figure was evident to the chief of school. It that else for the Liliputian? - the chief strictly asked, and right there added how he cut off: To Deduct! Stalin falcons have to be - the very picture of health, and you palm off some puny creature!

No arrangements helped - deducted Bykov. Another on its place would break, and with Leni, like water off a duck`s back! Times it is impossible to become the pilot in life, means it is necessary to embody their images on the screen!

But also the actor to become it appeared not so - that simply. He failed examination in the Kiev school of actors. But did not despair, and went straight to Kharkiv where he was lucky more - accepted!

In 1951 upon termination of study, Bykov got to troupe of the Kharkiv theater of Taras Shevchenko. And next year good luck finally faced it - his film debut in the movie " took place; Marina`s Destiny . Not so long ago I revised this movie and paid special attention to the rural guy Sashko who was played by Bykov. Never would think that it is a debut role - Leonid looked very organically. And in general the picture turned out very nice, having taken the high second place in hire of 1954. And Bykov was noticed and began to be invited at cinema.

In the same 1954 he played a small role of Petya Mokin in the movie Tamer of tigers . And as always, brilliantly!

Almost in parallel, on Lenfilm went shootings of other movie - Maxim Perepelitsa where entrusted Leonid a leading role! Since then, looking at the screen and seeing on it Bykov, the audience spoke: And, same Maxim Perepelitsa! . Almost, as in a joke. The announcement on a wall of rural club: Tonight the feature film " is shown; Business was in Penkov . In a leading role the standartenfuehrer Stierlitz

Life is not always ready to treat only with gingerbreads. So it turned out also with Bykov. After several bright roles, for example, in the movie Aleshkina love he decided to be engaged in direction. To tell what left as Bykov conceived, it is impossible. He rushed about over the country - Kharkiv, Leningrad, Kiev. But it the movie was not.

at the end of 60 - x began to dawn years hope to remove something standing. Twice the Hero of the Soviet Union Vitaly Popkov told somehow a story about the squadron which before fight lightened itself mood music, having even created something like ensemble. Bykov right there grasped this history, having written in a co-authorship with Evgeny Onopriyenko and Alexander Satsky the film script. But not here - that was! Heads of the Kiev film studio flatly refused to give a green light to shooting which scenario seemed to them too heroic.

But it is necessary the nobility Bykova! It was from those who climb in a window if he is expelled from a door! Having learned big and bright episodes from the scenario, he began to drive about on the cities of the Soviet Union and to give the dramatized representations, recovering episodes of future movie on a scene. The public was delighted! Cards departed to Kiev and telegrams with a request to allow Bykov to shoot the movie. A drop hollows out a stone! Green whistle it was given exactly 35 years ago - in 1972!

To describe that furor which was created by the picture One old men go Into battle! there will not be enough words. Once, many years later, I happened to work in a military unit in which in the years of war the famous expert of World War II Three times Hero of the Soviet Union Alexander Pokryshkin was at war. In club of part in one of evenings twisted Old men . Eyes at many pilots shone from tears. And the Hero of the Soviet Union Sergey Filipchenko for the sake of whom I also came to business trip, told after viewing: I went in flight only thanks to Bykov . Sergey made the feat in Afghanistan when he under storm fire of mujaheddins did not leave in trouble of the fellow soldiers who got into scrape.

Why Leonid Bykov shot the movie about pilots? Of course, the considerable role in it was played by his boyish love to representatives of this severe profession. And still it was struck by one circumstance in stories of heroes of front battles. We tried to protect youth, giving it the chance to become on a wing - Vitaly Popkov told Bykov. Bykov also tried to inform of this thought the audience.

It was necessary to start the most tragic pages. On April 11, 1979 Bykov came back by the car from giving near Kiev. Ahead of its car the skating rink for asphalt laying moved, and Bykov decided to go round it. However, as soon as it began to carry out overtaking, to it the truck towards jumped out. To avoid a head-on collision, Leonid turned out a wheel towards and at all speed crashed into a skating rink.

When Bykov was brought to hospital, he was still living. But the got wounds and injuries were incompatible with life. Next day the great actor and the director died

A later after Bykov`s death was not sustained several days by heart of his devoted friend, not less bright actor - Alexey Smirnov. The technician Maestro did not transfer news of such bereavement.

To what we are taught by Leonid Bykov`s biography? To the fact that the dream can never be changed. And how it developed in life, it by all means will come true