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To marry the foreigner?

to Meet the foreigner And then to marry it Dream Blue

to Leave and to ride there as cheese in oil. In the mornings in the pool to lap, in the evenings at restaurant delicacies to eat

Well and what that the elect is more senior than you for 25 years? Yes will appreciate and love more! Dreams

I Will tell you a story of the Marine, the familiar little girl. Marina got acquainted with It in night club Shooters . This such Kiev institution, for foreigners generally. But ours too come.

Here and Marina came. The girl with honors graduated by then from the university, gained the diploma of the translator. Trained and practiced in Scotland, in English spoke with York accent.

Having arrived home, started missing. It lacked prudish British, there was a wish for life that of which saw enough from - for a counter of clean little shop (did practical training as the seller).

That to overcome the melancholy making cry, Marina in the club impregnated with a smell " decided to descend to vanish; old kind England there was a wish to plunge into life European again

It Appeared.

Drenched with delicate aroma of expensive cologne, blinded to gloss the polished boots, by voice deep, courageous asked some question, and it, having looked back, understood - here it, CHANCE

Called him Ken, there were to it 55 years. The noble gray hair decorated it with whisky, big eyes radiated mind.

They got to talking, he told about himself. Arrived here by own plane, knowing that here for the money which is available for it it is possible to have a rest on full .

And money at it - hens do not peck. Perhaps, will construct in Ukraine flight school (itself - the businessman, the sky - a hobby).

Lives for percent from a huge fortune, rents apartment in the center. Has the son of 16 years from the previous marriage.

Englishwomen, whether you know, very cold persons. It did not give me what is necessary for the man. Well - you understand - and a penetrating glance - in eyes. The marine understood. Ukrainians not cold here, if to warm - you will not extinguish.

Ken still told something about life lonely, grown hateful, and Marina already drew the picture: a lodge in the suburb of London, an accurate lawn, a fence white, the pool with transparent water, neighbors friendly

Well, all - providence gave chance which any sane girl would not miss. The marine was a girl quite sane, therefore solved - I will not miss.

Morning approached, Ken began to yawn. The girl wanted, was, softly to take an interest in a roundabout way in number contact and the gray-haired handsome himself showed an initiative - and give we tomorrow we will meet. So, whether you know, it is boring

No sooner said than done. Met, drove through the city (Ken was skromnyagy - with such denzhishcha - and on old Ford ), came to it.

What was farther occurred by a mutual consent, Marina only very much hoped that Ken will not decide as if she it dragged in a bed.

It showed to the Englishman on what Ukrainians are capable of

He still lay, was answerable, puffed, and it in kitchen of coffee fast prepared. Here supposedly what I - in all spheres of life irreplaceable! Generally, began to meet.

In a month Ken started talking about a marriage. The marine flew, as on wings. Did not spoil impression parents ( You that?! Yes he to you is old enough to be the father! Yes you do not know it absolutely! ), girlfriends envious ( You Hear, and he eyes undresses me! Nearly licks lips! ) .

You understand nothing, small you are people. To you here - to plow, to me there - to blossom

Yes, to blossom Views lewd on girlfriends were florets - Ken began to give out berries . Walked in socks fragmentary, the sneakers which are worn out, at times had not a shave for four days.

And where the English praised restraint got to? At Marin, without hesitating, began to stare at girls.

The age of girls to Marin of scarecrows - twenty-year-old was replaced thirty-year-old, sixteen-year-old replaced twenty-year-old.

Began to give out to acquaintances - this is Marina - washing sex - the " car;. Did not want Marin to be sex - " car; wanted lawful to become the wife somewhat quicker, suffered a new appearance of the Englishman, waited - here - here, and the Catholic priest will pronounce words treasured - power, this to me Lord


Ken invited to himself, in foggy Albion as it was poetically expressed, to fly, get acquainted with nest their future to present the daughter-in-law to parents.

Nest not really it appeared. The pool was absent, generally. Well and unless the pool - the main thing? The main thing - I already there ! In Europe

the House of parents the millionaire, in the lover`s sky again - did not shake the girl. We have such houses dachas call.

Parents made dual impression on the Marine. Ken`s mother did not come off viewing of series television, with daughter-in-law getting acquainted, the father looked at legs more, than at the person. Mentality, probably, the girl thought. Yes not with parents to live, and with the husband!

Ken, however, for some reason never called it at parents bride and her who gave a hint was, under a table a knee pushed. At us it is so not accepted, you understand? - in the car of the friend explained. Why took the car from the friend? Yes the - that is not present!

The marine was not a girl 15 - ti years and knew that in the West even at school students own car is not considered luxury. Terrible doubts began to torment the girl`s heart, it seemed to her that Ken is not that for whom gives itself.

Well and let, - she solved, - all the same - the foreigner, some can dream only of it, and I already here, without two minutes the Englishwoman! .

Ken acquainted to Marin with the son. The guy to the 16 - ti shot up under two meters, was gloomy, looked, having frowned, from - under shocks of red hair.

The boy washed cars and did not study. With girls too not really Ken explained that the guy has a psychological trauma after divorce of parents. Eh, to break this " complex; - he sighed and without preface suggested to act Marin in quality doctors .

She looked at it, expecting that he will burst out laughing to the joke, smiled. Then the smile slipped from her face He seriously offered it, to the bride to oversleep with the offspring!

Also she looked at the elect in a new way. And what she, in effect, knows about it? Only the fact that he told it also what her imagination drew!

And Marin it became feel ill at ease. And night of eyes the girl did not close, in one house with two men being which have the first look - on legs yes on a bum. For which it - sex - the " car; Ukrainian, ready with the foreigner to lay down only because he is a foreigner.

Also pulled to Marin home like mad, and not the pools and small fences which are accurately painted, but scenes from the movie " seemed it; Silence of lambs .

Ken did not talk to it neither on the plane, nor in airfield in Kiev. Took offense, apparently, that his son not cured .

Before saying goodbye to Marina, lingering watched the plane flying highly in the sky leave.

The marine too mechanically looked in the sky, at a silvery point, same far from the earth, as well as her dream of life with the foreigner, from reality