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How to grow up early vegetables and greens? Part 2

Perennial vegetable plants give fresh greens before all. At rational movement of different types of temporary shelters it is possible to receive continuously green leaves of long-term onions, a sorrel, a rhubarb etc. On a site of perennials of a bed with each culture divide into 3 parts: the first begins to be covered since April 10 - 15, the second - with 20 - 25 - go, and a third leave open. Duration of shelter of each site no more than 2 - x weeks. If it is correct to do everything, then the first harvest can be received at the end of April - the beginning of May.

Green onions can be grown up from seeds (One-year Gribovsky, Danilovsky - 301, Skvirsky etc.) . Shoots take out frosts to -2 , and adult bulbs - to -5 . The couched seeds of onions sow at the end of March - the beginning of April in the warm room. To shoots maintain temperature around 20 - 25 , and after their emergence reduce to 14 - 16 . Seeds sow randomly or ranks through 3 - 4 cm. The seedling is landed at the end of April - the beginning of May. On a bed place approximately 5 rows with distance between plants in 5 - 10 centimeters.

Onions and garlic very much love light and do not take out shading. At the beginning they demand plentiful and regular moistening of the soil, and then maturing of bulbs requires moderate moistening and even some dehumidification. Besides, it is necessary to remember that roots of onions and garlic do not take out excess mineral fertilizers.

Garlic is made multiple copies teeth which land on beds at the end of April. Cloves from a bulb release just before landing. Before it they can be killed in water or weak solution of potassium permanganate (0,1%) for 12 - 24 hours that will accelerate the initial growth of leaves. Before landing of a bed loosen, doing 3 - 4 grooves, and then water. Teeth lower to the soil by 5 - 7 cm

Fennel. For receiving green leaves seeds can be wetted in water, and to couch even better that shoots turned out equal. Seeds sow from the middle of April (on depth of 2 - 3 cm), doing it randomly or approximately on 10 rows on a bed. Before crops of a bed plentifully water. Shoots of fennel are not thinned out. Do not forget that at insufficient lighting fennel loses the aroma.

And now about vegetables

the Early harvest of a tomato depends on correctly grown up seedling. She is trained in hotbeds or greenhouses approximately a month before the planned disembarkation in soil. Seedlings at the age of 2 - 3 - x dive weeks with a diameter not less than 8 cm. In 10 days after that seedling feed up (solution of superphosphate and potash salt, on 20 g, and also urea, 12 g - on 10 l of water). The ready seedling of a tomato which has at least 6 leaves and 1 inflorescence is placed on a bed in 2 rows with distance between plants among 25 - 30 cm, between ranks - 50 - 60. The soil at roots is densely pressed out.

Tomatoes need rare, but rather plentiful waterings. The soil needs to be loosened regularly in a week after waterings, and during filling fruits of a plant it is in addition hilled. To accelerate maturing of fruits and to raise a harvest, growth of a bush is limited, deleting lateral escapes and prishchipyvy top kidneys of growth.

Pepper loves heat and moisture. At a temperature below +13 its growth can stop. Besides, it is very choosy to the soil and does not take out a shadow at all. Begin to sow pepper on seedling at the beginning of April. If you want to receive quicker shoots, it is necessary to couch seeds. For this purpose they are put in a gauze, slightly namachivat and put to the warm place. Seeds begin to sprout approximately in a day. Then they are sowed to the damp soil. As soon as at seedling of a seedling the third leaf is formed (in 15 - 20 days after emergence of shoots), it can be landed. Seedlings put deeply, to the most cotyledonous leaves, accurately pressing the soil to roots.

it is better for b to sow a garden radish on the beds intended under thermophilic plants before their crops or landing. It can serve as a sealant for early cabbage. In this case it is sowed along with landing of seedling. The garden radish loves light, and at its shortcoming root crops are formed very slowly.

On the eve of crops of a garden radish of a bed dig over, close up the main potash and nitrogen fertilizers, water furrows. Sow a garden radish since the beginning of April - to the middle of May. On beds place on 8 - 10 rows through 10 - 12 cm between them, seeds - through 2 - 3 cm, on depth of 2 cm. Water a garden radish regularly in couple of days, and at dry weather daily. And still feed up him nitrogen and loosen the soil.

Let future harvest by all means will please you, friends! Health to you and it is as much as possible energy!