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How not to be ill? (Part second) of

the Second rule is inseparable from the first, it sounds so. Before bathing or after it and if it is possible, then and together with it come to the nature, get up bare feet on the earth, and in the winter on snow at least for 1 - 2 minutes. Inhale through several times air and mentally ask a mouth to and all people of health.

Look, it is written as though for us, city dwellers. Any person who is day and night in office and in the apartment on the unlimited floor of the panel house, surrounded with computers and other electric devices, feels on himself action of static electricity. Its most harmless manifestation - it is a prick at a touch to metal objects, to the refrigerator, for example. In the Evening, feeling a headache, we take a medicine and, of course, we do not remember this spark. Further sleeplessness,   follows; senseless shuffle of events of day, cigarette, as a result - feeling of fatigue and weakness in the mornings.

One, two of minute of vigorous walking barefoot in the morning and in the evening really kill a headache, gradually eliminate sleeplessness and just improve mood and give pleasure. There is one imperceptible, but essential circumstance. It is necessary really to want to leave all this, - cigarette, fatigue and insomnia. It is not so difficult to walk on snow, even in a frost, but it is very difficult to go down from the warm apartment from the unlimited floor, barefoot, and there is no time at all, and coffee could not be drunk, and people that will be told and so on... If you decided not to be ill, here it is just a high time to show hardness. By the way, people, as a rule, treat very kindly. Smile, encourage, and children frankly envy and ask for permission to be undressed from parents.

In this rule there is a subtlety which frightens off many people inclined to see some religious, or even a sectarian shade in this system. It is, of course, a request. For atheists in general it is somehow senseless to ask someone, people believers ask, as a rule, in church, praying. Therefore many people think that it is not necessary for health at all, well, at least, it is not obligatory. Believe, experience shows that it not so.

Modern average person now it is rather educated to understand that with the theory of Darwin and chaotic model of the Universe not everything so smoothly and, of course, is the certain highest force uniting the universe. The same person is not so naive to believe that God lives in church, or in some other certain place to which it is possible to come and talk to it. As it becomes and in what time, we too safely forgot. We became closer to the earth. Our problems grew and closed to us the sky because we look at them from below. And soul of the person, it not from the earth, she demands this communication. She also forces the person to address various spirituality, old and new religious practices now.

And everything is much simpler. Time is not important for communication with the Highest and it is not necessary places. Let`s be trained, in the morning, having risen bare feet on the earth and having inhaled three times air, we will address, will stretch mentally to the Highest, to the Source, to God. Let`s address thought, feeling, soul and heart. Let`s feel a universe particle, the child before the great Parent, we will send it the most intimate request and we will see that all of us are children and all of us need health physical and spiritual not to be ill and live happily.

Try regularly as it is possible more carefully to carry out these two rules. Only you do not judge one time. Surely allow to yourself time to draw some conclusions. For a month, well at least on two weeks let it will become obligatory fifteen-minute ritual. I am sure, you will at once get rid of some small diseases. You will have forces, you will feel that the world changed around you. And you took only two steps to health.