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How to control the decisions? The choice, strategy and feedback of

generally it concerns those decisions which demand expenses of the most limited resources: time, health, emotions, respect, knowledge and, of course, money. And we will say now not about how to consider all reasons which pushed us to concrete decisions, and about the exchange price.

Shortly about the main thing .

Everything has the price. Money - smaller that we can give to receive something in exchange. You communicate with the person who is unpleasant to you - and endow emotions. You wait for a right moment - and endow time. You are engaged in business which is not interesting to you - and endow knowledge. And when you violate the rules and forget about the values - you endow respect. And the success or failure of each such victim is defined by the answer to a simple question: what do you receive in exchange?

We any decision have to get. To get - means to increase a share useful and necessary in our life. If our decisions do not lead to improvement in global sense of the word - they are inefficient. The person who is carrying out evenings, rolling on a sofa in front of the TV - it is inefficient, his knowledge and time flow away in anywhere. The person filling a paunch just for the hell of it - is inefficient, its health approaches zero. The person daring to long, complain or hate - is inefficient, he destroys the life.

We only then will be effective when we receive more, than we give and to give more, than we receive.

What it means ?

the Ideal way of acquisition - to change useless for useful. Or, inexhaustible on useful. That is, our useless it is very necessary for someone - so why not to get rid of it? And if our inexhaustible can be to someone useful - so why not to exchange it? Money - not only and as many were already convinced, not the most effective option of an exchange. Often happens so that some service or a thing which for you is possible is more expensive than any money to other person.

Banal truth, of course, but for some reason often we about it forget . Most of people of middle-income can measure everything through one resource: money. More successful people usually operate with several resources .

A problem only that it is difficult to find the person who would need what at you there is a lot of. At conventional attitudes with people around we limit ourselves in the choice as we know nothing that it is necessary for them. It is necessary to spend some part of the time to penetrate into needs of the one who nearby to offer it the most important and to receive from it the maximum return. But it just - an example of an effective exchange: for example, in an hour of time it is possible to gain new knowledge, respect, to increase the prosperity, to bring benefit to the partner and to improve prospects - and it and there is a maximum! Especially if to bring into comparison the fact that the same hour could be staid just stupidly in a stopper...

That is, to receive more, than we give and to give more, than we receive - means to seek to receive the most necessary for itself and at the same time to make something important for others. Not only to take from the world that you want to take, but also to give it what you can give. It is a fine way to live not in a state of war when it is necessary to fight for everything, and in a condition of mutually beneficial cooperation when everything comes as if by itself .

And if there are no options ? When we buy by

the new car, we can spend weeks for the choice of concrete brand and model. When we look for a gift for darling, we try to find a thing which would bring it joy maximum. When we do serious work, very important for us, - we seek to make it on perfectly and not to pass any trifle. But sometimes such way of decision-making does not work as demands too much time, knowledge or money - there are too much resources. And in a critical situation we are not able to afford to look for and touch options infinitely, we are not able to afford to spend too much. How to be in such situation how to squeeze out of it a maximum of possible?

An exit is development of personal strategy which to you will give signals to action when there is no opportunity to consider a task in all its aspects. You in advance mentally form these or those difficult situations, define the decisions in them, make peculiar plan - and strategy will work in similar situations, prompting you the most optimal variants of action.

Can be begun with right now. For example, how you will behave if to discharge you from office? If it is required to pick up a gift to the stranger? If you win $100000 in a lottery? If you strongly get sick?

Personal strategy is based on an assessment of the made decisions. Every time, having made some action, we can estimate that we received and that was spent what consequences it caused and what improvements in life made. We can criticize the decisions, constantly seeking for their improvement.

I am better, than someone another .

Yes, to criticize the decisions. And in it there is nothing strange or wrong as many people with " consider; positive thinking. It is only worth understanding that self-criticism is not condemnation, not self-flagellation, not recognition of the mistakes and not denial of the achievements. It is just a way of receiving feedback and an assessment of the achievements. And still it is a good way not to pay attention to negative estimates of people around. Eventually, who, except you, possesses full information and can be most exact and objective?

I consider that mistakes do not exist at all. There are situations in which it was possible to work better. And self-criticism - a way which allows to reveal and understand such situations that it is possible to improve. It is such view of the world in which the " position is unacceptable; not so badly could be worse . Absolutely on the contrary, not so well could be better we are worthy the best, and not " at all; normal . And the best we can create this for ourselves.

As was written by S. Johnson, any self-criticism is a hidden praise. We abuse ourselves for this purpose only to show the impartiality .

I of course to criticize - does not mean to be everything dissatisfied. Does not mean and that it is necessary to climb here from skin to receive for itself a maximum of possible. At all not. Be happy with themselves and the life - but think towards improvement.

In conclusion .

the Choice of the most important resource, optimum strategy of actions and receiving good feedback - here those factors which can turn each our decision from necessary loss into unexpected achievement.

Do not lose! Also do not allow to lose another.