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What is web - optimization?

All who need information get to the Internet sooner or later. All who need information on the Internet get on the search websites sooner or later. It is an axiom as to find something in the Internet, in 99 cases from 100 it is enough to come on one of search engines.

However sometimes it turns out so that on inquiry the car gives thousands of references which (under the law of meanness, probably) conduct not on those websites at all. You touch one hundred references, but do not find anything useful while the hundred first reference and would bring you to the website where it was possible to order darkly - violet zanavesochka in kislotno - orange large peas with crimson brushes so necessary for you.

What in it good? Anything. To neither you, nor seller zanavesochek . But to you - that is simpler - did not find here, means will find on other searcher. And here the seller will have a question: how to lift the website on the first place in the list of the searcher and by that to increase the number of visitors of the website (so, and potential buyers)?

All owners of the websites are interested in increase in attendance of the web - resources. It lifts sales and increases the income from advertizing. At the same time it is desirable to increase target audience: to silly hope that all women, having got on the website online - shop selling accessories for agricultural machinery, will make the order for purchase though something.

It is a little sources of inflow of visitors on the website. First of all, it is searchers. Further there are thematic catalogs, further - references from other websites. As practice shows, the maximum number of visitors comes from the websites - searchers. And as users of the search websites statistically check only one or two pages with search results, saytovladelets should fight for a place in the sun. That is - for the place in the top ten - the twenty of search results. This fight is called web - optimization.

Web - optimization is the changes of the website leading to increase of its rating at search engines when using some certain keyword. Web - optimization still designate an abbreviation of SEO (from English Search Engine Optimization - optimization for a search kernel). The task of the optimizer is in that, using knowledge of rating strategy of searchers to remove the website at least in the top ten. What for this purpose is necessary?

Registration of the website .

Each searcher or the catalog has a special page with the questionnaire, having filled in which, the search engine can indicate emergence of the new website which should be included in the database. It is possible to wait, of course, when the search robot itself finds the website, however on it a lot of time can leave.

Optimization of html - a code and content .

For determination of popularity of web - pages the search websites use special algorithms of an assessment. As a rule, searchers keep these algorithms a secret, but was by practical consideration defined that the major role in determination of popularity of the page in search results is played by quantity of keywords on the page, its heading (so-called taytl (the anglicism used by web - optimizers, from title)), metatags, contents of the page and popularity of references. Respectively, the optimizer has to remake the website, considering all specified requirements.

Contextual advertizing .

This way not absolutely belongs to SEO, however it helps to light website. The essence of such advertizing is that a saytovladelets buys the right for advertizing of the website in the form of the reference to it or a banner when the user enters these or those words for search. As a rule, such advertizing settles down on the first page with search results, and the user sees it without special work.

Nevertheless, optimizing a page and squeezing keywords everywhere where it is only possible, you should not forget also that the motto Victory at any cost! here it is inappropriate. Remember that the website is created in order that it was read by the person, but not the robot - the searcher.

There are so-called search spammers (spamdekser; from the word a spamdeksing - a hybrid of the words spam (spam) and indexing (indexing)). They - that just are also engaged in SEO, ignoring requirements the Internet - users.

The most widespread way is creation dorveya (from English doorway - door pass). It when on the page is automatically created a casual mere verbiage, huge on volume, which will be indexed sooner or later by the searcher, and by inquiries of this searcher the suspecting visitors will begin to come nothing. Besides, belong to the category of search spam:

1. the text Invisible to the user on the page (for example, white letters on a white background, or use of very small print seeming to the user just horizontal line).

2. Masking of pages (cloaking) when the page is visible to the search robot, but is inaccessible to simple users.

3. Perenapravleniye (redirect) when the page which the robot indexes is created, and the user does not notice because it is automatically redirected on the necessary website.

Well and at the end it would be desirable to tell about the main thing. If web - the master creates the website with a poor contents - it is its biggest mistake. It will not detain either visitors, or search robots, even if in it there is a two-three of the optimized pages. I hope, this article (or at least its last paragraph) web - masters will read, and simple the Internet - to users will become a little simpler on Network open spaces.