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How to disaccustom the child to get into the electric socket? The nonconventional pedagogics of

Hypnotic impact of electric sockets on babies lies somewhere in the field of esoteric and inaccessible to the simple inhabitant. In general, philosophy if there is a hole, then in it surely there has to be something zapikhnuto - it is inherent not only to dribbling pink angels, but it consoles a little. And exactly during this period, when the baby begins to move independently and with desire to glance at electric devices in principle, and on sockets with special affection - parents lose a dream and appetite.

When in the house the young power engineering specialist who with enthusiasm is pulling down to rozetochny space of a hairpin, pencils and details from the " set grows up; Fascinating designing - the consciousness involuntarily begins to note newspaper articles about electric misfortunes and the telenews narrating about the victims of faulty conductings and the absent grounding.

The way which I want to share carries character, Spartan and nonconventional for our latitudes. But I resorted to it vehemently after incidentally caught one-year-old chadushko with a nail in to a prohibited zone . The son carefully hid a nail and is perfect on - to the adult waited for an opportunity that without hindrances to thrust it in the attracting holes. It solved a lot of things.

Having hidden a toothpick (so that the sharp tip stuck out somewhere on half-centimeter) in a hand I brought the son to an electroidol. Here I patiently explained what is there, evil Current lives in black burrows. And when hands in the socket you climb - he bites without the prevention and very much - is very sick!

I did not begin to give definition from the textbook of physics, equally, as well as to appeal to feeling of filial pity on a subject: what will be with mother if you.? The son looked at me absolutely everything the understanding eyes in which the desire to get acquainted with spiteful Current stubborn shone. Having taken a suitable pencil in a hand, the offspring stretched to treasured openings. Here - that the toothpick which had to stick into the place, soft, but very susceptible at all children, was also useful. Yt! - the son reacted.

- What, - was compassionately asked by me, - Current bit?

The child looked round and rushed to a socket attack with redoubled zeal. It was necessary to prick once again. Yt! - again puzzly the researcher gave out.

- Bites? - again I specified. - It is furious, you look! And better do not touch it, and it will not offend you .

Tactics was replaced. The son crept with a pencil very carefully, glanced in a hole and began to bring the tool somehow sideways. The third prick had not only to pedagogically optimum area, but also me in heart.

Kus!!! - my child began to yell, - kus here ! Watching his indignation which poured out in a fling of a pencil and a zamakhivaniya on the socket (to burst was afraid that pleased inexpressibly!) - I thought as far as this severe lesson will be enough.

In the evening exam was held by the father. Having taken rather strong screw-driver, it went to the socket and began to pokovyrivat there defiantly. The son came up literally from nowhere. It angrily brought down all abusive lexicon available to it on two black holes at which looked with tenderness still yesterday. It was told the father how spiteful Current bites (exaggeratedly to a disgrace), and finally the zashvyrnuta under a chair the screw-driver also was taken away from the father.

Probably that did not climb anywhere .